UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] (UNICLR) is a 2D fighter with an innovative tug-of-war system that influences every part of gameplay. Correct actions build GRD and incorrect actions remove GRD. Every action has a purpose. Successful defensive actions like blocking, throw teching, and shielding are rewarded by helping the player win the tug-of-war. Failed actions are penalized without damaging the character's health bar. Despite not being an air dasher, Assault is a short hop that functions similar to an air dash. UNICLR is a perfect halfway between a grounded fighter and an air dasher fighter.

Helpful Resources

The UNICLR wiki.
The UNI Discord server.
I Want to Get Strong at UNI.


Attack Notation

A Light Attack
B Medium Attack
C Heavy Attack
D EXS Action

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Vorpal is the timer in the middle of the screen. It cycles 6 times a round with each cycle lasting 16.5 seconds. After winning a Vorpal Cycle you enter GRD Vorpal state. During this state you gain a 10% damage boost to all your attacks, your Vorpal Trait activates, and you gain access to Chain Shift. Winning a Vorpal Cycle does not guarantee that you win the next one but it helps your chances.

Characters have a Vorpal Trait and a Unique Trait that is active outside of Vorpal. For example Vatista's Unique Trait is a passive trait that prevents her from being counter hit.

The main ways to build GRD are moving forward, using a hopping mechanic called Assault, blocking, throw teching, and successfully shielding.

The main ways to lose GRD are moving backwards, getting hit, failing throw tech, and unsuccessfully shielding.

GRD is broken by certain actions. Being thrown out of a shield, getting hit shielding, performing Veil Off, and performing Guard Thrust break GRD. When it's broken you lose all your GRD and are guaranteed to lose the current Vorpal cycle. Any action that requires the D button is disabled. The rectangle gauge near your GRD shows how long it'll take until your GRD recovers and blocking accelerates it. The only way to fix a broken GRD early is with Veil Off.

Activate Chain Shift by pressing D twice in Vorpal state. It freezes the screen and converts your remaining GRD into EXS meter. The more GRD you had on activation the more EXS you gain. It can be done as an attack connects like a Roman Cancel. When activated with 6 or more GRD Gauge Blocks, Chain Shift resets the limit for jump cancels, bounds, and provides a damage boost.

Chain Shift is a great tool but there are reasons not to activate. Because you use all your GRD during activation, you may not have enough time to build enough GRD to win the next cycle. The earlier in a cycle you use Chain Shift the better. Holding onto GRD to deny your opponent the opportunity to win Vorpal and have access to Chain Shift is a decision you'll have to make.

Concentrate by holding D. Concentrating builds GRD while consuming EXS. Holding D for longer than half a second starts to consume your opponent's GRD. Concentrate is safe as it doesn't have any recovery. Moving backwards and concentrating is not a valid strategy because you lose GRD when moving backwards. Instead, players modify combos to give them time to concentrate.

EX special attacks are enhanced versions of special attacks and cost 100% EXS. Perform them with the special input and C.

There are two super attacks. Infinite Worth (IW) costs 200% EXS and is performed 41236D. In Cross-Cast Veil Off it can be performed with the shortcut input A+B+C.

Infinite Worth EXS (IWEX) costs 200% EXS and is performed when your health drops below 30%. It is stronger than IW and has invincible startup. Unfortunately it breaks your GRD unless you are in Vorpal state.

Activate Veil Off with A+B+C and 100% EXS. Veil Off gives you a 20% damage boost that stacks with Vorpal state and fixes broken GRD. If it hits it breaks your opponent's GRD. The activation is slow at 20 frames and can be delayed to be even slower but startup is invincible and it can be used as a defensive reversal. It is unsafe on block.

After Veil Off, the EXS Gauge changes into a timer. EX special attacks consume one third of the time and IW and IWES use up the remaining time.

In Vorpal state you can spend 100% EXS and all your GRD blocks to cancel into Veil Off from an attack. This is called Cross-Cast Veil Off (CCVO) and is used like a Roman Cancel. CCVO does not break GRD like regular Veil Off. It is expensive but it's great for combos as it launches and resets the juggle limit.

In CCVO you can cancel super attacks into super attacks and EX special attacks into EX special attacks. Before you had to do super attack into special attack then cancel that special attack into another super attack. With less than 30% health, CCVO boosts damage on EX special attacks and reduces cost.

Force Function with B+C. It is a character specific tool that costs 1 GRD Block. It can still be performed with insufficient meter. Force Functions are useful tools that are balanced by their cost.

UNICLR has the same Beat chain system of its predecessor Melty Blood. Players are allowed a standing and crouching normal attack per button in the same chain.

The oppressive block pressure of chain combos are balanced by shields. Shield increases pushback, decreases blockstun, and builds GRD.

Blue shield with 4D or 1D in neutral. High shield blocks high and mid attacks and low shield blocks mid and low attacks. Blue shield can be held but then it starts to consume EXS. Blockstun is reduced by 3 frames after a successful blue shield. There is a delay when guard switching from high shield to low shield.

Shielding an air attack prevents the jumper from canceling their air attack. Shield air attacks when building GRD is more important than anti-air damage.

Green shield with 4D or 1D in blockstun. It costs 10% EXS but can be performed with insufficient meter. A green bubble appears and if you block an attack before it disappears you gain 2 GRD and more pushback is applied. If green shield fails you lose GRD. Guard switching is much faster with green shield.

Players Reverse Beat their chain combos into 5A to make their own attack whiff and their opponent's green shield fail.

Shielding in the air reduces blockstun by 6 frames. It blocks air attacks but not grounded attacks. Shield air attacks when building GRD is more important than anti-air damage.

When shield is beaten, GRD is broken. Overheads, jump ins, and Assaults beat low shield. Low attacks beat high shield. Grounded attacks beat air shield. Throws beat all shields.

Guard Thrust is this game's Alpha Counter. Press 214D in blockstun to perform it. It costs 100% EXS and breaks your GRD. It ends Vorpal if you're in Vorpal state.

Dash can be performed with 6A+B for forward dash and 4A+B for backdash. Dashblocking is important for approaching because forward movement and blocking both build GRD. There is a minimum distance your character has to travel before they can stop but they can block during this period. Characters have low attacks and overheads with long range and you need to properly dash block into stand block or crouch block to block them.

Backdashes are invincible at the start and cost half a GRD block.

Assault with 6D. It is a hopping overhead homing attack. It hops over low attacks and throws. Your regular jumping attacks are available during Assault. It is homing but can never cross-up because holding either direction blocks cross-ups. Assault builds GRD and the long range Assault builds more than the close range one.

Air Assault can be used like an air dash. It can be used in juggles or to approach.

The drawbacks of Assault are that you can't air shield during one. There's a bit of damage scaling unless it counter hits. And Assaults cannot be canceled into from anything.

Interrupting your opponent's attack with an attack that isn't an A attack is a counter hit. Counter hits increase hitstun by 1.5x. Interrupting special attacks is a high counter and increases hitstun by 2x.

After a knockdown, press 4 or 5 and an attack button to quick recover. You can slightly delay recovery by pressing the input later. Backwards recovery costs 1 GRD block.

After getting hit out of the air, hold 4, 5, or 6 and press an attack button to air recover.

Throws are performed with 4A+D/6A+D and are teched with A+D. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Throws have 4 frames of startup and the tech window is 14 frames. The defender builds GRD and is at a frame advantage after a successful throw tech.

Throwing a character in blockstun initiates a gold throw. The gold throw tech window is doubled and becomes reactable.

Throw Tech Option Selects

UNICLR allows many throw tech option selects. This creates a mind game within a mind game. The attacker expects the defender to use an option select and beats it with a specific answer but then the defender uses a different option select to beat the attacker's answer. For example, the attacker does a jumping attack to beat the defender's crouch tech option select but then the defender uses an anti-air throw tech option select to beat the attacker's jump.

1A+D is a low shield that techs throw. Use this when you're afraid of getting counter hit or frame trapped. This option select loses to delayed throw or any high attack.

Attacks can be plinked into throw tech. Crouch tech option select is a popular one. Press 1B then plink 1A+D for a 2B throw tech. Press 1C then plink 1A+D for a 2C throw tech. Press 1A, keep A held down, then plink D for a 2A throw tech.

The forward crouching attacks 3A, 3B, and 3C can be plinked into as well. One of these attacks is a good anti-air. The anti-air throw tech option select beats throws and Assaults.

Command normal attacks can be plinked into like 4B plinked into 4A+D and 4C plinked into 4A+D.

To backdash throw tech option select press 4A+B then plink 1A+D. Or you can press 4A+B, keep A held down, then plink D.

The jump shield throw tech option select is performed by jumping then pressing 1A+D. It techs throws but if there's no throw, the character performs a jumping shield. It's used to beat Assault, which in turn is used to beat low shield throw tech option select

Veil Off can be option selected into throw tech by simply pressing A+B+C+D. Obviously it costs a lot of meter and if it's blocked it is unsafe.

In Vorpal state you have access to the Chain Shift throw tech option select by pressing 1A+D then plinking A+D. It's used on wakeup to beat meaties.