Umineko: Golden Fantasia

Umineko: Golden Fantasia, also known as Ougon Musou Kyoku, is a 2D 2-on-2 tag team fighter that has a tag for every situation. On offense, there is a tag cancel and an invincible tag attack. On defense, there is an Alpha Counter tag and a Burst tag. Resources constantly influence the decisions you make. Meter only builds for the reserve character which encourages players to constantly tag. The guard break mechanic penalizes characters for not tagging frequently. If you want a tag team fighter that feels different from the rest, this is the game for you.

Helpful Resources

The Umineko wiki.
The Umineko Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Weak Attack
B Medium Attack
C Strong Attack
D Touch
E Appeal

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Umineko: Golden Fantasia uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Break Limit gauge fills when an attack is blocked. The stronger the attack the more it fills. When it's full you suffer a Guard Break and become completely vulnerable. The gauge does not deplete with time and the only way to deplete the gauge for most characters is by tagging out. Certain actions deplete percentages of the Break Limit. If your gauge is at 20% and you do an action that depletes 50%, you are left at 10%.

There is dizzy in this game even outside of Guard Break. Characters only fall dizzy after a knockdown. If your character is getting beat up, tag them out so they don't take a big Guard Break combo AND a big dizzy combo.

There is air blocking and it blocks air attacks. Air blocking fills Break Limit.

After getting launched by certain attacks, press any attack button to air recover. There is only one air recovery and you are invincible until you land. If you attack before you land invincibility goes away. Air recovery puts the character in a counter hit state until they've fully recovered. Air recovery is not possible if your opponent declared Metaworld while you were in the air.

Landing frames are always vulnerable after air recovery. Players let their opponent air recover then wait for them to land to hit them. There's nothing the defender can do except alter air recovery timing or not air recover at all. Getting hit during landing frames counts as a counter hit.

There are on-the-ground (OTG) attacks. There isn't ground recovery in this game. If an attack knocks down and isn't a hard knockdown, it usually knocks the character into the air allowing them to air recover.

Throws are performed with B+C and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Throws have 1 frame of startup. Characters only have a forward throw and not a back throw. Getting out of the corner is more difficult because there are no regular side switching throws.

Set Off is when attacks Clash. There are no special rules in Set Off and attacks do not gain any special properties during it.

Counter hits float airborne characters for a juggle.

Counter hits on certain attacks, like special attacks, launch.

C normal attacks can be dash canceled when the Tough Gauge is full. There is another Roman Cancel mechanic that is used more than this one but dash cancel is better in blockstrings and doesn't cause a tag.

The active character builds meter for the reserve character. The Partner SP Gauge is at the bottom of the screen near the Touch Gauge. SP1 and SP2 are the super attacks. Obviously SP1 costs 1 SP and SP2 costs 2 SP.

The team's health bar is in three colors. Stage 1 is blue, stage 2 is yellow, and stage 3 is red. The flashing portion of the health bar is recoverable health. It slowly disappears over time but it happens so slowly it's not something to worry about. When the health bar enters a new stage, you lose any recoverable health from the previous stage.

Characters have an ability that activates for their partner after Normal Touch, Assault Touch, or Metaworld is performed. The abilities last for different durations. Lambda's ability empties the Break Limit and Black Battler's heals when damage is inflicted.

The red gauge underneath the timer is the Meta Gauge. It fills automatically with time. When it's at least halfway full and you have at least 1 SP, press A+B+C to declare Metaworld. The activation is like a Roman Cancel and Metaworld lasts 8 seconds.

In Metaworld, you gain access to a new super attack called Meta Super. Meta Super can be performed an unlimited amount of times during Metaworld. The abilities of both characters on the team activate. This is the only time a character can be affected by their own ability. The abilities durations are based on the ability that lasts the shorter amount of time.

Declaring Metaworld locks your opponent out of it because only one character can be in Metaworld at a time. The opponent can reject the declaration with the same input and spending 2 SP. You can re-expand the rejection by spending 2 more SP but now Metaworld will only run for 75% of its regular duration. The opponent can re-object the re-expansion by spending 2 more SP. Finally, you can force meta-expansion by spending 2 more SP but Metaworld now will only run for 50% of its regular duration.

If the defender rejects declaration their hitstun is negated. But if Metaworld is successfully re-declared hitstun is not negated.

The Metaworld mind game is what you want to spend your SP meter on. Both declaring it yourself or preventing your opponent from declaring it. It's okay to hoard your meter. Save your meter for Metaworld or for Bursting out of bad situations. A lot of players like stocking 5 SP for their partner so they have enough resources to survive not being able to tag out for 15 seconds after Damage Touch or Assault touch.

Pressure is oppressive because of Guard Crush and because characters lack good reversals and anti-airs without spending meter. Even attacks that look like they should be invincible like DPs or super attacks lack invincibility. Most characters have to rely on tag mechanics to escape pressure.


Touch Gauge is the gauge next to the Partner SP Gauge. It automatically fills with time. When it's full it's used to perform tags called Touches.

Normal Touch by pressing D in neutral. The active character does a little taunt then leaves. This heals all recoverable health and depletes 50% Break Limit. The reserve character's ability is activated for their partner. Touch Gauge will take 3 seconds to refill. If the outgoing character is hit during startup no tag is made. The incoming character is vulnerable as they're coming in and for a couple of frames after they've landed.

Attack Touch by pressing D when an attack connects. The incoming character takes the outgoing character's place with an attack and keeps the combo going. It depletes 25% Break Limit and the Touch Gauge will take 6 seconds to refill. The actual attack is an unsafe overhead that can start combos.

Guard Touch by pressing D in blockstun. It costs 1 SP from your partner. It's a Variable Counter that depletes 50% Break Limit. The Touch Gauge will take 9 seconds to refill. If you Guard Touch someone in the air it knocks them away. Press 6D to perform a more powerful Guard Touch.

Damage Touch by pressing D in hitstun. It is a Burst into tag. It costs 2 SP from your partner and depletes 50% Break Limit. The Touch Gauge will take 15 seconds to refill.

Damage Touch is slower than you think and fast light attacks can recover in time to block it. I also like to activate Metaworld when I think my opponent will Burst to cancel my attack to block.

Assault Touch by pressing 236D. It costs 2 SP from your partner and depletes 50% Break Limit. The Tough Gauge will take 15 seconds to refill. The outgoing character rushes forward with an invincible attack. The character tags if the attack hits or travels the full distance. The outgoing character's ability activates for their partner. This is an important tool to get out of pressure.