Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (TMNT:TF) for the Super NES is a 2D fighter that plays like Street Fighter II. I don't mean Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II, Hyper Street Fighter II, or Ultra Street Fighter II. I'm talking about the original Street Fighter II. Damage is low so making a couple of mistakes won't cost you the round. The characters playstyles are similar to Street Fighter II characters. TMNT:TF is an easy game to learn and immediately enjoy.

Helpful Resources

The TMNT:TF wiki.
TMNT x Justice League Turbo + Super Fighting Discord server.


Attack Notation

LP Normal Punch
HP Fierce Punch
LK Normal Kick
HK Fierce Kick

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward
ub u uf
b n f
db d df

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters uses Legacy frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 8th frame.

There are only three competitive stages because the other stages have lag or different lengths. The stages are Mt. Olympus, Pirate Ship, and Scrapyard.

Player 1 and Player 2 have differences. Player 1 has better control of the camera and Player 2 is more more likely to consistently hit attacks. Player 1 side is better for combos and Player 2 side is better for anti-airs.

Special attacks are safe on block because of how much pushback there is. Special attacks can be used safely in neutral. Fireballs have little recovery and you can shoot another one right after it disappears.

This is not a combo heavy game. The only combos are special cancels from normal attacks, link combos from jump ins, and CPS1 chains. Cross-ups leave the characters close to each other and there are many combos only possible from cross-ups.

Dizzies are common but they don't guarantee the round because damage is low. Sometimes a character can get dizzied twice in the same round and still survive! For some odd reason throwing a character that isn't a turtle resets dizzy.

Throws are proximity throws performed with forward and either LP, HP, or HK depending on the character. There are pummel throws as well. There is no throw teching so throws are escaped by jumping.

There is no throw-invulnerability outside of moments where you are invincible. This is very unusual. This means you can throw someone when they are in hitstun or blockstun. Few characters can take advantage of this because pushback leaves the characters out of throw range after blocked attacks. But this is possible after an especially deep jump in. Another unusual quirk is blockstun lasts longer than hitstun. Characters without good reversals will willingly get hit to avoid getting thrown.

Ultimate Attack Gauge fills when attacks connect. The less health you have, the more the gauge increases. Blocked attacks build more gauge than hit attacks. Ultimate Attack Gauge depletes slowly, which encourages players to stay active to keep it filled. When it's full, you have a limited amount of time to perform your Ultimate Attack Move by pressing HP+HK.

The original Street Fighter II ran on an arcade board called Capcom Play System or CPS1. This version of the game doesn't have a combo system except giving some characters the ability to chain light kicks into themselves. The light kicks could be canceled into a stronger normal attack by pressing the buttons at the same time. Ryu can do three crouching light kicks then a standing medium punch by pressing down LK, down LK, down LK, LK+MP.

TMNT:TF has CPS1 chains as well but they don't follow any rules. Some characters have versatile CPS1 chains and others don't. CPS1 chains can be used for combos, block pressure, and tick throwing.


Learning multiple characters is advised as this is a matchup heavy game.

The turtles have backdashes that are strike-invulnerable and can be used to avoid bad situations. After getting thrown, the turtles can't block during their landing frames, which creates post-throw unblockable setups against them.

Leonardo wants to be the king of the Tournament Fighters. Leo plays like Ryu or Ken from Street Fighter II. Shining Cutter is the fireball and Roto Cutter is the DP. HP is a good poke. Jump HP is a great for jump ins. Super Millennium shoots many fireballs on the screen and inflicts chip damage. Endless Screw looks like a lariat but it's not invincible enough to go through fireballs.

Raphael wants to buy presents for all of his friends. Raph plays like M. Bison with a fireball that has very little recovery. Raph's tick throw game is very good. Jamboree fireball lets him throw opponents in blockstun. Jump HP is a good attack. Chest Buster is a fast forward moving attack that puts him right next to his opponent. Power Drill is another forward moving special attack that is multi-hitting, does good chip damage, and builds a good amount of gauge. Power Drill is a cross-up and gives him a throw opportunity on block. Energy Spray is a multi-hitting projectile super attack.

Raph has an instant dizzy combo on Raphael and Michaelangelo after a cross-up.

Donatello is working on a new machine and needs more money to make his dream come true. Don is a rushdown character with E. Honda's and Chun Li's attacks. Bo Thrust is like Lightning Legs or Hundred Hand Slap and you can safely cancel it from his normal attacks. It's great for pressure and chip damage. Ground Claw is an SNK-style ground fireball. Headspin Attack is invincible before the kick comes out and can be steered. Fire Dragon shoots a big Dragon Wave.

Don has an instant dizzy combo on Raphael and Michaelangelo after a cross-up.

Michaelangelo is planning a vacation of surfing and skateboarding. Mike plays like Blanka. Rising Thunder has the arc of a DP or up Blanka Ball. Dynamite Bomber is a Blanka Ball that has a lot of hits and can do a lot of damage if it hits at the right angle. His balls are better when he's Player 1. He has a slide. Dragon Breath is his fireball. His special attacks build him a lot of meter. Dance of Fury is not a projectile super attack like the other turtles, instead it is a combo.

If all of Mike's HP Rising Thunder hit, it inflicts a lot of dizzy. He can kill off of two combos.

Cyber-Shredder wants to regain control over the "mindless" masses of New York. Shredder plays like Balrog. Knee Crush is a DP. Aura Crusher is a Dash Punch that is invincible, deals chip damage, and is a good combo ender. Aura Shield reflects projectiles. Lightning Crusher is his super attack and it's difficult to avoid. Shredder has fast walkspeed and good normal attacks. His jump is fast and jump LP is a great jump in button.

War's only goal is destruction. War is a slow character with unsafe attacks. That's saying something because almost everything in this game is safe on block. Turning Uppercut is a dash punch that gets him closer to his opponent but is unsafe on block. Death From Above is a homing attack that also gets him closer to his opponent but it is also slow and unsafe. War Dynamic is also unsafe on block. He does have some redeeming qualities. His fierce normal attacks do good damage and have good priority. His throw is perhaps the best in the game.

Armaggon thinks this tournament is his first step toward conquering Earth. He is a shark with Guile's moveset. Aqua Shock is a great fireball. Tsunami summons a wave of water. Fin Slicer is a flash kick/DP that is safe and difficult to punish. Yuuei Zutsuki can be very difficult to anti-air and makes his pressure oppressive. If you play a turtle, you can use your invincible backdash to avoid it. If your character has fast walkspeed, you can walk forward and block to make the dive connect higher on the body to make it less safe.

Against turtles, Armaggon can start an unblockable setup after HP throw because the turtles can't block during their landing frames.

There is a glitch that nerfs him a little bit. There is 1 frame where he cannot block low after blocking an attack. I think it's because his character model is recovering for 1 frame after he exits blockstun.

Wingnut thinks the tournament will be a fun way to kill time. He is a character that excels in the air. Learn to instant air dash to play this character. Power Dive is a divekick that is great for pressure. His air normal attacks are great. Moonbuster is an air projectile that controls screen space. His normal attacks are jump cancelable but there is a delay before he jumps. Mad Spectre super attack is difficult to avoid.

If Wingnut has his opponent in the corner he can do Moonbuster, land, throw his opponent, and repeat the loop all over again.

Chrome Dome wants to extract the "warrior" program from his system memory. Chrome Dome is a grappler with deadly setups. Electric Pile Driver is his command throw. Chrome Spark is a grounded fireball that knocks down and gives him a setup. Piston Kick is an air stomp. Jump HP is an instant overhead. Chrome Bomb is his super attack and it's alright. His CPS1 chain is the best in the game, it's three down LK into a sweep which starts more setups.

After LP throw, he gets a safe jump setup that works on all characters and is unblockable on turtles with jump HP. This safe jump can lead to a throw or a CPS1 chain into the same setup.

Here is another setup. Chrome Dome can special cancel his sweep into his command throw because characters can get thrown during blockstun in this game. This is another setup that leads to another setup.

Aska is a master of Ninjitsu and wishes to own her own dojo. Aska is not a strong character but she can surprise people with how much dizzy she inflicts. Spinning Uppercut is the best DP in the game. Her jump is good and jump LK is a cross-up and instant overhead. She has two slides to get in. Her butt attack moves her forward and is great after a knockdown because if it hits on a later active frame it can be comboed off of. Her super attack Tornado Attai can be avoided but if she does it meaty in the corner she gets a guaranteed throw. Far HK is a long reaching normal attack that is special cancelable and can cancel into Spin Attack to close the distance. It does good chip damage and builds gauge. After a throw she gets a cross-up mixup with jump HK.