Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Super Turbo) is a 2D fighter that takes place almost entirely in neutral. There is huge pushback on everything and that constantly resets situations to neutral. Projectiles are stronger than they will ever be in Street Fighter and chip damage is a serious threat. Entire rounds can be won without any combos, knockdowns, or mixups. Fundamentals are the key to winning. Super Turbo is an easy game to learn but will take you years to master.

Helpful Resources

The Super Turbo wiki.
Grand Master Challenge Discord server.
eltrouble's Super Turbo tutorials.


Attack Notation

LP Light Punch Jab
MP Medium Punch Strong
HP Heavy Punch Fierce
LK Light Kick Short
MK Medium Kick Forward
HK Heavy Kick Roundhouse

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward
ub u uf
b n f
db d df

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo uses Legacy frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 8th frame.

Damage is very high in Super Turbo. Every hit counts and entire rounds can be won entirely from pokes and fireballs. High damage is Super Turbo's comeback mechanic.

There is a bit of randomness in this game. Damage and dizzy have a range. There is a minimum and maximum amount of damage and dizzy an attack can inflict. A couple of characters are capable of Touch of Death dizzy combos. Don't feel bad about getting hit by one because you're always three or four hits from dying at any given time. You can blink and lose half your health bar.

Virtually every attack is safe on block because there is so much pushback on everything. Higher strength attacks inflict more pushback than weaker strength attacks. Even a point blank sweep is safe on block because of pushback. Getting your opponent to block your attack is considered a victory because it pushes them closer to the corner.

Hitstun and blockstun for grounded attacks is the same for attacks of the same strength. Link combos are not common because pushback pushes the attacker too far away to combo. Hitstun for jumping attacks on standing characters is light hitstun for all hits. However, blockstun on is based on the strength of attack. Jump ins actually gives more frame advantage on block than on hit! Hitstun for jumping attacks on crouching characters is based on the strength of the attack and there's no pushback. Some characters can dizzy a character off a jump in on a crouching character.

Special attacks are safe and spammable because of the pushback. Special attacks inflict chip damage and build meter for the Super Move Gauge. Chip damage is a serious threat in this game.

Super Move Gauge builds by hitting attacks and performing special attacks. When it's full, the Super Move becomes available. This is the first Street Fighter game with super attacks. They were experimenting and some characters have great super attacks and others have unbelievably terrible super attacks. There are even super attacks that are unsafe on HIT.

Attacks are too fast to whiff punish reliably. To beat attacks, preemptively press buttons to out prioritize or trade with them. Also try using attacks that go over or under attacks.

Fireballs are very powerful for the reasons listed above and because Super Turbo lacks trip guard. Characters cannot block low attacks immediately after landing from a jump. If you jump over a fireball and your opponent is close enough, they can sweep you as you land and send you flying to where you started. When jumping over a fireball, try to jump from a range where you won't get swept.

Throws are proximity throws performed with forward/back and HP. Most characters can also throw with forward and another attack button. Characters are throw-invulnerable for a random amount of frames on wakeup.

Instead of throw teching, there is throw softening done by holding forward/back and pressing an attack button. The defender will recover on their feet instead of being knocked down. The way the game engine handles throw softening is by inflicting damage then healing health. If your health is low enough for an unsoftened throw to kill you, it will kill you even if you successfully soften it.

Pummels can't be softened but can be escaped after a couple of hits. The best way to pummel is to hit the diagonal directions while pressing an attack button every frame. Only one button press is registered per frame so hitting simultaneous buttons won't help. The position you get after a pummel is always the same and for some characters it's very advantageous.

True tick throws exist and are difficult to escape. Attacks with 2 or less recovery frames are safe to meaty with as they recover in time to block reversals. Unlike most fighting games, pre-jump frames can be thrown in this game. This means in many situations tick throws can only be avoided with an invincible or throw-invulnerable reversal. The input buffer is very strict and it randomly varies. The reversal window is 1 frame and sometimes you are not able to reversal on wakeup because of randomness.


The old (O.) version of any character is available to choose by performing a cheat code to unlock them. Old characters cannot soften throws or perform super attacks.

Ryu is the traditional shoto and is strong all around. His fireballs have good frame data. Flame Hadouken is a knockdown when it hits up close. After a knockdown he has a fireball trap. Do a meaty LP fireball into another LP fireball into an HP fireball. The opponent is forced to block that sequence. Forward MP is a grounded overhead. Forward HP can be used like a command dash. Jump MP juggles. He's got a great super combo.

Ken is the more offensive shoto. His fireball is slightly slower but he has a better DP than Ryu as it's fully invincible and it's one of the few non-super attacks with fully invincible startup. His HK back throw can throw the opponent into the corner from almost mid screen. Air tatsu can cross-up. Crazy Kicks are his new special attacks. It lets him continue his pressure on block and some of the kicks hit overhead. MK pummel gives him a good mixup afterwards. It requires a renda cancel but he is one of the few characters with a hit confirmable super combo.

O. Ken has a faster fireball and better DP. His DP recovers so fast it is safe on block from the right range. The DP can be used randomly in neutral to hit limbs. O. Ken's DP is invincible all the way to the top while new Ken's DP is not.

E. Honda beats non-fireball characters and loses to fireball characters. He has big damage and good range on everything. Hundred Hand Slap does great chip damage and builds super meter. Headbutt is a safe reversal. Lack of Trip Guard makes getting in difficult against fireball characters.

Honda's command throw has no whiff animation and can be stored. Do a half circle back motion and end in down-back. If you don't let go of this direction, you can release punch buttons and Negative Edge will cause Honda to throw his opponent if they're in range. If they're not in range nothing happens because there's no whiff animation. This is fantastic for both offense and defense.

Chun Li is the queen of pokes. She has a normal attack for every situation except for anti-airing. Her walkspeed is one of the fastest. Her regular throw does an unfair amount of damage. She has a slow fireball that she can walk behind to help her play footsies. She can store her super combo and walk forward before she deploys it. Overall a very strong character.

Blanka is an unpredictable character with many movement options and long range attacks that hit from many angles. His jump is the fastest in the game and gives him a very fast cross-up. He has a far reaching slide that goes under fireballs, a hop that can cross-over, and Blanka Balls that sometimes cross-up. His mixups are tricky and his tick throw is good.

Zangief is a heavyweight grappler that plays footsies. Spinning Piledriver has great range. His super combo is a command throw that is very fast and does a lot of damage but has shorter range than his regular throw. LK and down LP have 0 frames of recovery and can be used as safe meaties against all reversals. His sweep is fast and has great range. Use Banishing Flat and Lariat to get through fireballs. Zangief really struggles against fireballs.

Guile is the original charge shoto. He has the best fireball outside of O. Sagat. This version of Guile has multiple command normal attacks that allow him to move forward while keeping his charge. His Sobat kick and Upside-down kick go over low attacks. He is an all around solid character.

Dhalsim is the full screen keepaway character that can be played offensively and defensively. His normal attacks are the longest in the game. His tick throw is still one of the best because he can slide or drill from close range to keep his pressure going. Yoga Fire is great for zoning, Yoga Flame is good for pressure, and Yoga Blast is an anti-air and builds super meter. His super combo does good damage and is invincible.

T. Hawk is a heavyweight grappler with a damaging command throw that gives him okizeme and has no whiff animation. His walkspeed is very slow which means he has to take risks to get in. His special attacks move him forward but they are unsafe on block and whiff so he has to commit to movement.

O. T. Hawk has better normal attacks than new T. Hawk and a very scary throw loop option select in the corner.

Cammy doesn't play like an aerial rushdown character like today's Cammy. Super Turbo Cammy is more like a fast grappler. You should be looking for ways to land her Hooligan command throw because it catches both grounded and airborne characters. The opponent has to hit her out of Hooligan to avoid it. After a knockdown, she has a cross-up mixup. Her drill knocks down. She has a DP and Spinning Knuckle goes through fireballs. Cammy has fast walkspeed and pokes but unfortunately you can't combo off her best pokes.

Fei Long has tremendous corner carry on attacks. HP and down HP are great pokes. Chicken Wing is a great special attack to cancel into on block because of its corner carry, chip damage, and meter build. HP can link after HK Chicken Wing for a very damaging combo. At max range Rekka is a safe blockstring if done with HP, MP, LP. If closer to the opponent instead use HP, LP, LP to make it safe. He also has a grounded overhead. He is not a strong character as he is too honest in this game but he's deadly when he has the corner.

A rekka is a special attack with multiple hits that requires an additional input for each individual hit. His rekka is three hits so he has to input quarter circle forward punch three times to get all the hits. An advantage of rekkas is you can stop the rekka after any hit if you don't want to finish it.

Dee Jay's strengths make him a very strong character in Super Turbo. He is a charge shoto with non-traditional special attacks. Machine Gun Upper is a great combo ender. Rolling Sobat lets him move forward. He is a charge character with a slide. Down MK is a great poke. His jump arc and jump LK makes it difficult to tell what sides he's going to land on. It gives him a cross-up mixup and a surprisingly good mixup game for a zoner.

Balrog has heavy hitting normal attacks with great range. They are safe on block, inflict chip damage, and leave him at a good range. Fireballs don't scare him because Turn Around Punch goes through fireballs. He builds super meter fast because he uses special attacks often. His super combo is fast, travels far, punishes fireballs, and is safe on block. Balrog has an invincible reversal and a very scary post-pummel tick throw mixup.

Vega has very fast long ranged normal attacks and the dirtiest vortex okizeme in the game. His walkspeed is the fastest and his normal attacks are very fast and long reaching. His wall dive is incredibly difficult to anticipate and defend against. It leads to a knockdown that leads to another knockdown. If you want to lose all your friends at the arcade pick Vega.

Sagat is the giant shoto. He has very slow walkspeed so use Tiger Knee to move forward. High Tiger Shot is a very fast fireball but the main drawback is that it can be crouched under. Low Tiger Shot is a great zoning tool as it hits low. He's got good damage and good range on most of his attacks.

O. Sagat is for people who only care about winning. His Tiger Shots are incredibly fast and have very little recovery. They can be canceled from normal attacks you wouldn't expect like stand MK. If you want people at the arcade to hate you pick O. Sagat.

M. Bison is always one jump in combo away from a Touch of Death combo. His walkspeed is fast and his normal attack are very good. Unfortunately he can't combo into his special attacks from his normal attacks in neutral as they are charge attacks. Scissor kick is great for pressure, corner carry, and chip damage. His special attacks are good and let him position himself around the screen but they can't be spammed in neutral like most characters special attacks. He doesn't have an invincible reversal to escape tick throw setups. He's still a terrifying character as he's always one combo away from winning a round.