SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is a 2-on-2 tag team air dasher fighter that lets you play with 4 players at once even online. Depleting a health bar does not win you the round because victory is only achieved by finishing off your opponent with a super attack. It's one of the few fighters where randomly spawning items are permitted in competitive play. There is no crouching so there are no high/low mixups to confuse you. Despite having simple controls, SNK Heroines has some of the flashiest combos you'll see in an SNK game. All special attacks juggle, there is a Roman Cancel mechanic, there is no hard limit on wall splats, and items restand characters to extend combos.

Helpful Resources

The SNK Heroines wiki.
The SNK Heroines Discord server.


Attack Notation

L Weak Attack
H Strong Attack
S Special Attack
G Guard
D Dream Finish

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

SNK Heroines uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Every character has Weak normal attacks and Strong normal attacks also known as L and H. There is a far and close version of the normal attacks. Close H is a launcher that can be chained into. Close LLL is a chain combo. LLH is another chain combo and it ends in a wall bounce called blowback.

There are very few plus on block attacks because every character has multiple strings. Close L is usually 0 on block, give or take 1 frame. Close H canceled into a jump is around +17 on block. That frame advantage is a little misleading because the character will be in the air.

Both characters on the team share the same health bar. The rainbow gauge under each character's portrait is her Spirit Gauge. This meter is spent as SP on enhanced special attacks and super attacks. As the team's health bar is depleted, the Spirit Gauge grows longer. Spirit Gauge refills automatically with time with the reserve character's gauge filling up much quicker. Its a good idea to switch characters when the reserve character's Spirit Gauge is full to build resources for the other character.

Getting hit temporarily stops Spirit Gauge from refilling. Getting counter hit depletes SP. The stronger the attack that counter hit, the more SP is depleted. This even applies to super attacks.

Every character has at least four special attacks: 4S, 5S, 2S, and 6S. Some characters have air special attacks as well. All special attacks cost different amounts of Spirit Gauge. Default special attacks are already enhanced and have special properties like starting/extending combos or knocking down. Special attacks can still be performed with insufficient meter but they will be weaker.

When a health bar is depleted, the character gets dizzied. The only way to win in SNK Heroines is by finishing off your opponent's health bar with a Dream Finish. Dream Finish is the super attack of SNK Heroines. Every character has a Dream Finish performed with 5D and most character's second Dream Finish is performed with 2D. If your character doesn't have a 2D one they probably a Dream Finish performed in the air. Dream Finishes can be comboed into from special attacks but not normal attacks.

Because Dream Finishes cost a lot of Spirit Gauge, games can go on awhile after a team's health bar is completely depleted. If you don't have enough meter to win the game, the only thing you can do is tag out and hope to build enough meter for the next time you dizzy your opponent. Sometimes dizzying your opponent in the middle of a combo causes them to fall out of it and make your Dream Finish whiff. To prevent this, let them fall out of the combo then finish them off as they wakeup.

Tag with H+G or the tag button. Tagging is invincible for a short amount of time and can be used to evade attacks. There is recovery at the end of tags where the character is vulnerable.

Tag as your attack connects to tag cancel. This is a Roman Cancel that freezes the screen and is always very advantageous. At worst it's +10 on block. The only drawback is it's expensive and it may be awhile before you build enough Spirit Gauge for a Dream Finish.

Instead of holding back to block, G the guard button puts up a shield. There are no high/low or left/right mixups as the shield blocks attacks from all directions. The shield degrades each time it blocks an attack until it gets crushed and leaves the character dizzied. Throws cannot be teched while shielding.

Shield can be canceled into Roll by pressing 4/6. Roll is strike-invulnerable at the beginning then loses invulnerability at the end. The best way to punish a Roll is with a throw.

A Roll out of blockstun is a Guard Cancel Roll. It costs SP and is fully invincible and not just strike-invulnerable. The shield deteriorates faster after performing a Guard Cancel Roll.

After a knockdown, hold 4, 5, or 6 and press G to quick recover. There is forward, neutral, and backwards recovery.

Throws are performed with L+G or the Grab button and are teched with either input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Throws are very important as there are no high/low or left/right mixups. Throws also deplete your opponent's Spirit Gauge.

Every character has an air throw. Use it to anti-air or for ending juggles in a knockdown.

Every character is capable of air dashing forward. It's great for continuing pressure after a jump canceled normal attack. Air dashes inflict a lot of hitstun and can start combos even if they hit high on the body.

Press G in the air to air dodge. It can be performed out of a regular jump or an air dash. Air dodge is temporarily invincible but has recovery.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind when anti-airing. Even if your character has an amazing anti-air special attack, you might not want to use it because it costs SP. For many characters their best normal attack anti-air is a close normal attack and that requires you to move forward into range to hit it. You can also jump at your opponent to air throw them.

Strong (grounded) normal attacks, all air normal attacks, and all special attacks juggle an airborne opponent. Jumping Strong normal attacks cause a ground bounce. It's worth spending SP on a special attack anti-air if you can convert it into a combo.

Running H is a dash attack that causes a wall bounce. An L follow up air resets and an H follow up juggles.

Other combo extenders include ground bounce, crumple, electrocution, spinning launch, and being set on fire.

Most combo extenders can only be used once per combo unless an item resets the juggle count. Dash attacks are an exception. Dash attack causes a wall splat when used in a juggle. Another dash attack knocks down but the combo can continue if the second dash attack is tag canceled. If you want you can even do another dash attack after this for another wallsplat.

Items are automatically obtained as you are playing. The first player to hit an attack gets the first item and item distribution then on is based on the health of the teams. Items are guaranteed in certain situations like after a character is dizzied or when a team's health bar is almost depleted. Other situations don't guarantee items but provide a chance like successfully teching a throw gives the defender a 50% chance of obtaining an item.

You can control where the item appears on the screen by pressing the Item button and a direction. If you're playing on a gamepad you can use the right analog stick.

There are items that heal health or SP. Unblockable items like bombs. Items that alter the playing field. There are items that restand characters and allow combos to continue even after a character has been knocked down.

EX items enhance the active character's special attacks. SP items are an attack that is different depending on your reserve character. You automatically obtain an SP Item at low health.

Items can be used at anytime including during hitstun, blockstun, and dizzy. Almost every combo in this game can be escaped with a properly timed item throw. The only combos that can't are Dream Finish combos. You have to throw the item before the Dream Finish connects to interrupt it.

SNK Heroines players fully embrace items as it adds an additional layer of decision making. For example, if my health is very low and I have an item that is great for extending combos, I may discard the item for a defensive item that will interrupt my opponent's combo to keep me alive.


Athena's fireball is for controlling space and giving her juggles more height. 2S is a three hit anti-air DP. 4S beats projectiles and crumples on hit. If she's close enough she can link close H after a crumple. Her air special attack is a two hit divekick, it is easily whiff punished as the second hit comes out even if the first missed. Her air normal attacks are short ranged. Far H is a good button as it's got great range, can go over low attacks, and is special cancelable.

Jeanne has long range normal attacks both on the ground and in the air. Her projectile has a bit of startup but it is fast. 4S creates a defensive wall around her and can be held down to keep it going. 2S is a decent anti-air but it's better used for a ground bounce during juggles. 6S has tremendous reach and launches up close.

Kula has great jump normal attacks for air dashing. 6S moves her forward and is hit confirmable into a second hit. 5S is a short ranged projectile that knocks back. 2S is an invincible anti-air DP. 4S is a projectile reflector. Kula's close H is a two hit attack that ground bounces and the second hit can be jump canceled.

Leonna can close the distance quickly with her fast dash and 6S. 6S can combo into another 6S. Use 5S in juggles to extend the combo. 2S is an anti-air that covers space all around her. Air special attack is an air fireball and stays out longer in EX. Leona has an air Dream Finish.

Love has great range on her far normal attacks. She can cancel far H into a special attack or use it as an anti-air. 4S gives her good okizeme as it knocks down and leaves her right next to her opponent. 2S is a decent anti-air DP but it lacks horizontal range. 5S is a great special attack with a lot of range.

Luong has fantastic range on her two far normal attacks and they are also great anti-airs. Far H launches and is jump cancelable. Her special attacks have good range but they are slow and her normal attacks already have good range. Her air special attack occupies a lot of air space. Her special attacks get a much needed boost after she uses an EX item.

Mai's far H and close H are both good anti-airs. Her dash attack is one of the fastest in the game. 5S is a slow fireball you shoot full screen and run behind to approach. 4S is a launcher and juggle extender. 6S is used as a juggle ender. Mai's jump special attack is a divekick. Make sure it hits low on opponent's body to make it safe.

Mian is a difficult character to anti-air as she can change her air trajectory many different ways with 6S. Far H has good range, moves her forward, and can go over low attacks and throws. 2S is a slide that low profiles under attacks. 4S and 5S are both slow special attacks that you won't use outside of combos.

Miss X is... wait a minute what's this person doing here? Miss X's far H is slow but the range is good and you can easily confirm it into her rekka. Her rekka launches and is used in juggles. 5S is a very fast ground fireball. 2S is an invincible DP. 4S is a command throw that lets you do anything you want after it.

Mui Mui's far H moves her forward, goes over low attacks, and has a surprisingly tall vertical hitbox. Close H also has a tall vertical hitbox. 5S is a rekka. 2S is a low profiling roll that goes under attacks like projectiles. 6S is a good anti-air and has a lot of range so you can use it after far wall bounces. 4S is a command throw.

Nakoruru has fast normal attacks. 5S is a fast projectile. Her normal attacks are not the best anti-airs but 2S is a good one. 6S is used in combos. 4S is a projectile reflector that also wall bounces on hit.

Shermie is this game's grappler. Far H has great range and is a great anti-air. 5S is a long range command throw that you can extend by pressing 5S again. 6S is a dashing hit throw which means that it can be blocked. You can also do 6S in the air and in juggles. 4S is another hit grab that you can combo into. 2S is a parry into throw.

Skullo has good normal attacks and tricky movement. 5S is a slide that can low profile under attacks. 6S is a headbutt that travels full screen. 2S is a DP that can be extended into a second hit. 4S is a command throw you can steer by holding a direction.

Sylvie has good normal attacks. Far L is a good poke. 5S beats projectiles and crumples on hit. 2S is an invincible DP that hits twice. Use 4S after launch to launch the opponent higher into the air. 6S travels half screen and sometimes goes over grounded opponents.

Terry is a well rounded character with great normal attacks. 5S is a fast ground fireball. 2S is an invincible anti-air DP. 6S has a lot of startup but it travels far and can be used in wall bounce combos. 4S travels half screen and can be used in combos to cause a ground bounce.

Thief Arthur has a double jump and aerial chain combos. Her wind element allow her to heal her team's health bar. 2S is a good anti-air and a great combo ender with good corner carry. 5S is an alright projectile that you can also do in the air. It's much better after an EX item. 6S is a hit grab that moves her forward and switches sides. Jump 4S and jump 6S let her change her air trajectory. Her air Dream Finish is an air command throw.

Yuri has some fast attacks. Her normal attacks are all fast especially close H. 5S is a fireball that knocks down. 6S is a command throw that travels far but has a lot of startup. 2S is an anti-air DP that launches a grounded opponent. 4S is her classic Demon Flip.

Zarina has slow walkspeed but far reaching normal attacks on the ground and in the air. 5S is combo filler. 2S is a launcher that launches the opponent high into the air. 6S travels half screen, goes over low attacks, and can be used after a wall bounce. 4S is a hopping command throw that looks like it has more range than it does.