Rising Thunder: Community Edition

Rising Thunder: Community Edition is a 2D fighter with all the complexities of the genre but without the difficult execution. This game was specifically developed to be easily playable on a keyboard. Inputs are never more than a direction and a button press. The cast is made up of cool looking robots!

Helpful Resources

The Rising Thunder wiki.
The Rising Thunder Discord server.


Attack Notation

L Light Attack
M Medium Attack
H Heavy Attack
T Throw
S1 Special 1
S2 Special 2
S3 Special 3
OD Overdrive

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward
ub u uf
b n f
db d df

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Rising Thunder: Community Edition uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

There is dizzy in this game. If you get hit too many times in a short period of time you will get dizzied.

Even though it is a beginner fighter, I never feel limited by the number of attacks in Rising Thunder. Characters have proximity normal attacks, command normal attacks, and target combos. Every character has at least eight normal attacks.

In the air, characters have neutral jump normal attacks and forward/back jumping normal attacks, also called diagonal jumping attacks. Along with at least one command normal jumping attack. Every character has at least 7 jumping normal attacks.

There are many mixups in this game. Certain characters can get combos off of their grounded overheads. These characters have scary high/low mixups. Every character can perform a cross-up by jumping and pressing down H. That means every character has a left/right mixup.

Combos include chains, special cancels, super cancels, links, and juggles. Ground bounce and wall bounce makes combos easier by giving you plenty of time to follow up with attacks. During a juggle, you'll see the juggle count on the screen. It if says 1/5, that means you cannot juggle your opponent more than 5 times or else they fall out of the combo.

After a knockdown, press any attack button to quick recover.

Select three special attacks for your character. The first special attack is called Alpha, second is Beta, and third is Gamma. Each special attack has a few different versions. We say the name of the special followed by the version. You will hear something like "Special Alpha Version 2".

These attacks are binded to a single button on your gamepad or key on your keyboard. Special attacks only require a single button press to execute. Most normal attacks are special cancelable and some special attacks can be canceled into other special attacks.

Sometimes holding a direction will affect your special attack. This fireball is slower if I hold back and is faster if I hold forward while I press the special button.

Other times holding down the special button adds additional properties to your special attack like armor or invincibility.

Special attacks have a cooldown timer like MOBAs. You have to wait a little while before you are able to use that special attack again. Different versions of specials have different amounts of cooldown. For example, Chel's Special Alpha Version 1 is a launcher that starts a full combo. Special Alpha Version 2 is weaker as it does not start a combo but the cooldown is shorter meaning you can use it more often.

Overdrive is the super attack. With full Overdrive meter, press the Overdrive button/key. Most normal attacks are super cancelable into Overdrive but that doesn't guarantee it will combo. Because it is a single button/key, it is very easy to buffer attacks into Overdrive.

Throws are performed with T and are teched with the same button. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. You can tech throws by holding any direction but down-back. That means you can stand block but not crouch block and tech throws. You can perform a modified Jump Back Option Select by stand blocking, jumping and pressing T, then returning to stand blocking.

Backdashes are invincible at the start. You can tell they are invincible because invincible attacks emit a golden aura around the character.

Blue aura around the character means the attack has armor. The character can absorb one hit without being interrupted. Damage absorbed becomes recoverable damage.

At the loadout screen, you are given the choice between two Kinetic modes: Kinetic Deflect and Kinetic Advance. Kinetic Deflect is a Burst that is performed during blockstun or hitstun by pressing two special attack buttons at the same time. A charge of Kinetic meter is required to perform it but it only uses half a charge on activation. It breaks you out of hitstun/blockstun and emits a shield. If the shield is hit, it repels the opponent and uses another half charge of Kinetic meter. Kinetic Deflect is completely safe. Two Kinetic Deflects can be stored but only one will carry over to the next round. Kinetic meter in this mode is built by taking damage and blocking.

Kinetic Advance is like a Roman Cancel with movement. Dash or jump as an attack connects to Kinetic Advance. Most attacks need to connect to Kinetic Advance them but fireballs are the exception. Any special attacks currently on their cooldown timer will have the timer shortened. Kinetic Advance does not add to the juggle count. Kinematic meter in this mode is built by hitting attacks.


Dauntless is a rushdown character that stays in once he gets in. Cold Drill is safe on block and can be done in the air. He has armor on his special attacks. Forward MH is a target combo that is an overhead and can be canceled into a special attack or Overdrive. Both Special Gamma Versions are invincible and can be feinted. He has a special attack that is similar to Balrog's Turnaround Punch.

Chel is a shoto. She has a fireball with three different speeds, a DP, and a tatsu. Her walkspeed is fast but her dash is slow. She can change her air trajectory with Night Sun. Forward M is not an overhead but it is airborne and goes over low attacks and throws. Forward H is a forward advancing attack that is plus on block.

Zlad is a big slow character with slow fireballs. Forward M is a hopping belly attack. His jetpack allows him to double jump as long as he has fuel. It gives him deadly instant overhead and cross-up mixups. All his jumping normal attacks can be canceled into jetpack. H attacks can be jump canceled. While it seems like he's suited to be a zoner, I think he's suppose to be played as a vortex okizeme character. Get a knockdown, shoot a slow fireball to keep the opponent from waking up with a reversal, Kinetic Advance it into a jump, then start the deadly jump mixups.

Edge charges his special attacks. Special Alpha charges his sword and Special Beta utilizes the stored charges. The sword charges can be stacked up to three times. They add extra hits to his Special Beta. Special Gamma is a command run. It cancels into stop or a wall bounce. Forward M is an overhead that is special cancelable.

Crow is a fast mixup character that can attack from many angles. Forward M is an overhead. Forward H is a launcher that goes over low attacks. After tossing a fireball, he recovers fast enough to run or jump after it. Both versions of Beta special can be performed in the air. Special Gamma emits a field that turns him invisible.

Talos is the heavyweight grappler. Back M is a magnetic swipe that pulls his opponent closer. Forward H has one hit of armor and wall bounces. Jump down M changes his air trajectory. Alpha special is a command throw, hold the button to give it armor. Beta special is an anti-air throw, hold the button down to add magnetism. Version 1 of the throws have a magnetic effect and Version 2 of the throws get armor immediately. Special Gamma Version 1 pulls the opponent in, then press the button again to lariat. Special Gamma Version 2 moves him forward and he can combo lariat off of it.