Punch Planet

Punch Planet is a 2D fighter that plays like an homage to Street Fighter IV. You're able to stock up to three Roman Cancels at once and it's a resource independent from your super meter. Pokes are frequently Roman Canceled to gain an advantage in neutral. However, if a poke is parried it cannot be canceled. The universal parry mechanic is powerful but it's very whiff punishable when it fails. The footsies triangle in Punch Planet revolves around Roman Canceling pokes in neutral, parrying pokes to prevent them from being canceled, and baiting and punishing parry.

Helpful Resources

The Punch Planet wiki.
The Punch Planet Discord server.


Attack Notation

LP Light Punch
MP Medium Punch
HP Heavy Punch
LK Light Kick
MK Medium Kick
HK Heavy Kick

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Punch Planet uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Every round starts with empty E-Meter. Connecting attacks and whiffing special attacks build E-Meter. EX special attacks are enhanced versions of special attacks and cost 1 bar of E-Meter. Perform them with the special input and two attack buttons.

Advanced Attacks are your super attacks. You have a couple of them and they cost either 2 bars or 4 bars of E-Meter. At least one of your Advanced Attacks is very easy to cancel into from a normal attack.

During a combo, attacks that are inputted with perfect timing become “Golden Hits”. Golden Hits increase damage by 10%, build 10% more E-Meter, inflict 1 more frame of hitstun, and remove 1 juggle point.

Characters automatically quick recover after a soft knockdown and there is no way to alter wakeup timing. Hard knockdowns still exist in this game.

Every character has an OTG (on-the-ground) attack that hits characters after a hard knockdown. But in most situations the OTG attack will not hit unless a DTC was used, even if the attack looked like it should have hit. Think of OTG attacks more like combo extenders than okizeme. This is a result of the juggle point system.

The juggle system is easy to understand. Juggles start with a certain amount points and attacks subtract different amounts of points. If you attempt an attack that requires more juggle points than you have remaining, it will not connect and the juggle ends. In this example, I have 1 point left and I'm attempting a normal attack that costs 2 points. My attack goes through my opponent like a ghost because I didn't have enough points. I can use a special attack instead because those cost 1 point.

Backdashes have a total of 24 frames. The first 6 frames are invincible, the "active" frames are airborne, and finally the recovery frames are counter hit punishable.

The Time Meter automatically refills with time. Players start the first, second, and third rounds with 1, 2, and 3 bars of T-Meter respectively. The first T-Meter refills the quickest with following meters refilling at a slower rate.

Jump Time Cancel (JTC) is the universal overhead. In neutral or during a forward dash press 5MP+MK. JTC goes over low attacks and throws. On hit JTC is -1 at worst. On crouchers it is +1 at worst. It is more advantageous when it hits on a later active frame. It is unsafe on block when done too close.

Hold 5MP+MK for a short hop. Empty JTC into a low attack or throw is a nice mixup tool.

Neutral JTC is free while Dash JTC spends T-Meter. Dash JTC gives 2 juggle points while neutral JTC gives 1 point. Dash JTC travels farther. It's used for okizeme as it can hop over bodies for left/right mixups.

Absorb Time Cancel (ATC) is the universal parry. It's performed 6MP+MK. It's active from frames 1-10. ATC spends T-Meter but it can be done even with no meter. When successful, it restores the meter spent. Failing ATC puts the character into 28 frames of recovery that is counter hit punishable. A successful ATC can be canceled into special attacks, super attacks, blocking, or another ATC. The parried character is frozen and cannot cancel their attack into anything.

Parrying an attack on the frame of impact is a Golden parry. Golden parry builds extra T-Meter and leaves the attacker frozen for 2 more frames.

I know the mathematics behind parry frame data but you don't need to know it. This game has a robust training mode that shows the exact frame advantage for successfully parrying an attack.

Games with a universal parry mechanic typically don't have many invincible attacks. Instead, Punch Planet has armored attacks to fill that role. An armored attack is not the same as a parried attack. Armored attacks can be canceled into DTC unlike parried attacks. Advanced Attacks break armor but can get parried.

Double Time Cancel (DTC) is this game's version of Street Fighter IV's Focus Attack Dash Cancel. It is a Roman Cancel. DTC costs 1 T-Meter and is done by double pressing the button of the attack that connected. For example if you hit MP uppercut, you would tap MP again to DTC.

The first 6 frames of DTC can be canceled into ATC, then the next 8 frames can be canceled into a dash, and then the next 10 frames after that can be canceled into an attack. Letting DTC fully recover grants the most frame advantage. But canceling DTC early into a forward dash then fully recovering from the dash is useful for getting combos or pressure from ranges where attacks wouldn't reach.

DTC can be done after throws. Throws are performed with LP+LK and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Regular throws have 4 frames of startup and the throw tech window is 6 frames. You can tech throws while parrying an attack. Throws teched with precise timing are Golden throw techs and leave the defender recovering 2 frames earlier. Characters are throw-invulnerable for 4 frames after coming out of hitstun, blockstun, resets, or knockdowns. Every character's fastest normal attack is 4 frames so everyone can reversal with their fastest attack to beat throws.

There is crouch tech in this game. LP+LK while crouching techs throws or performs 2LK.

You can press another button while crouch teching and that attack will come out instead. I'm going to crouch and press LP+LK+MP. If I get thrown I will tech the throw, if not 2MP comes out.

Press 2HP+HK with 3 bars of T-Meter to perform Health Time Cancel (HTC). HTC spends T-Meter to heal (blue) recoverable health.


Roy is a hardhitting character with attacks from many ranges. He's got very fast projectiles that he can feint with. Be careful as MP laser can be ducked under. Laser combos into super attack from far away. He's not a shoto as he lacks an anti-air DP. His target combo chains into an overhead even on whiff. Charged 5HK is a juggle. 2MK is an easy confirm into laser or headbutt. 5LK into low laser is a decent buffer. Headbutt is a disjointed attack and great for occupying space.

Cid is a rushdown footsies character. She can charge 5MP, 2MP, 5HK, 2HK. Charged 5MP becomes an overhead. Charged 5HP inflicts more hitstun and can combo into 2MP or 5MK. Charged 2MP lets you link it into another 2MP. Charged 2HP launches. 5MK is a fantastic poke. 5HK is a stepkick. Sweep has great range and is fast. Her grenade is used after knockdowns for okizeme. One of her special attacks is a safe overhead.

Tyara is a super heavyweight grappler with command throws and armor on her attacks. 5MP is a fantastic normal attack. 5LK is a great poke and it's cancelable. 2HK is an overhead. 5HK is a great poke. 2MK is a sweep. Her special axe attack gives her frame advantage.

Agent is this game's shoto. You can charge his fireballs for better frame advantage and make them travel farther before disintegrating. Enhanced fireball into DTC is plus on block and great for both approaching and keepaway. Enhanced heel kick is plus on block and an overhead. His DP can be DTCed to be safe on block. HK axe can be linked to 5MP for a nice combo.

Maxx is a grappler with many forward moving attacks like Balrog. LP and MP dash punch are safe on block. HP and Enhanced dash punch launch. All dash punches are plus on block after DTC. His DP is very unsafe and he can't DTC to make it safe. 5HP is a sweep and 5HK is a launcher. Almost all his normal attacks are plus on block after DTC so use them to approach and get in command throw range. Bottle into DTC can be used for approaching and okizeme. Happy Hour gives his heavy and special attacks armor.

Dog is a dog. He is a rushdown character. His low hurtbox lets him low profile under attacks. All his standing light and medium attacks are plus on block. Dog has a sweep and a slide. 5HK is a launcher. Command run special attack has a high, mid, and low follow up. He has a Demon Flip special attack for mixups. He is a fast and tricky character to defend against.

Gat has the best mixups, setups, and juggles in the game. He has left/right mixups, high/low mixups, and he can combine them together. He is the only character that can chain all his normal attacks into each other. It's useful for pressure and frame traps. He is able to move in the air in a way no other character can. He has access to a teleport and a divekick. He gets good combos off of his throws. Crystal is used after a knockdown to keep the opponent from waking up with an attack. It gives him new combos as well, Crystal into instant overhead gives him a real combo off an overhead.

Gat really struggles in neutral. His walkspeed is slow and he has to commit to movement. His normal attacks are not great and are negative on hit. There's a joke between Gat players that the only way to play him is to lose neutral until you get a successful guess parry and then you win.

Arnold is a slow zoner with long ranged attacks, multiple projectiles, and air movement. His projectiles are charge attacks that occupy various parts of the screen. Jetpack lets him move around in the air. He has jump cancelable air normal attacks and an instant overhead that is safe on hit with jump HP. Slide is a great way to get in as it can be DTC'd. His Advanced Attack hurts his opponent if they touch him.