Project Justice

Project Justice is a 3D 3-on-3 team fighter that combines the best aspects of 2D and 3D games. From the 2D dimension there are fireballs, high jumps, special cancels, and super attacks. From the 3D dimension there are sidesteps, long juggles, canned strings, and okizeme. Characters get launched HIGH into the air during juggles and the player is given complete control in the air. The Partner system is fun as it lets you call in your Partner to perform a super attack but your opponent can call in their partner to deny it.

Helpful Resources

The Project Justice wiki.
The Project Justice Discord server.


Attack Notation

LP Light Punch
HP Heavy Punch
LK Light Kick
HK Heavy Kick

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward
ub u uf
b n f
db d df

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Project Justice uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Select three characters for your team. After each round you can decide to switch characters. You don't have to switch characters if you don't want to.

The Textbook combo chain system allows long combos and blockstrings. On the ground, the Textbook combo system allows a character two of the same light attacks, a heavy attack, a command heavy attack that isn't a Rival Launcher, then a special attack or super attack. In the air, Textbook combos are much more lenient.

Every character has a light light Textbook combo. Dash into light attack is one way to approach and start pressure. While it can be unsafe on block, it's difficult to react to as it happens very fast and a light light Textbook combo can look similar to light, pause, light, which is safe.

Each character has at least two generic launchers that are command normal attacks: Mini Launcher and Rival Launcher. Mini Launcher does not launch as high but it can be chained into during Textbook combos. A typical Mini combo is two lights, one or two heavies, and an air combo ender. Mini Launchers are good for the post-combo air reset afterwards. Mini Launchers can be special attacks.

Rival Launcher can't be comboed into but it starts a much longer combo. After the launch, hold up to high jump into the air after your opponent. You can do whatever you want during the juggle.

How you end the juggle is important. Not every character has an attack that ends juggles in a knockdown. Every character does have something called air knockback which is done by pressing forward and a heavy attack. The situation after a juggle is very interesting, it's almost like okizeme in the air.

There is no true invincibility in this game. An "invincible" attack is strike-invulnerable and projectile-invulnerable but not throw-invulnerable. However, in most of these situations a throw won't connect. For example, quick recovery is not flagged to be throw-invulnerable but because throws will whiff on them, they are essentially invincible.

After a knockdown, press two attack buttons to quick recover. Hold forward or back to recover in that direction. Or you can continue laying on the floor then tap back, down, forward, or up to recover in that direction.

There are OTG (on-the-ground) attacks if a player decides not to quick recover. You can get hit before you recover but OTG attacks can never kill.

Press LK+HK to dodge. Dodge is vulnerable, cannot be canceled into anything, and does not guarantee a punish. Dodging an attack a couple frames before impact puts your character behind your opponent.

It takes 1 frame to turn around and a back-turned character cannot block until they turn around. They are also vulnerable to back throws during this state. However, they have access to unique back-turned attacks that knock the opponent away on hit.

Dodging while running is a roll. It can low profile attacks as it moves around the opponent. It rarely leads to punishes and honestly there's not a lot of reason to use it over regular dodge.

Every character has a couple of running attacks. LP/HP running attack is an overhead. LK running attack is a slide that is unsafe on block. HK running is an overhead kick that launches. If you want to dash without running, press forward, forward, down.

Backdashes cannot be canceled like forward dashes can. They're not invincible like a lot of other games but they can be canceled into blocking.

There is air blocking and it blocks both grounded and air attacks. You can air block during the pre-jump frames. Air blocking removes trip guard, which means upon landing there is 1 frame where the character cannot block low attacks.

After getting hit out of the air, hold back, forward, or neutral and press two attack buttons to air recover. There's no invincibility but air blocking is possible during air recovery.

The situation after a juggle is interesting because it's almost like okizeme in the air. There are many things the attacker can do:
-Go over/under their opponent so they're back-turned.
-Go for a cross-up (or not) mixup.
-Force their opponent to air block, land before they do, then abuse lack of trip guard.
-Land first and use that extra time as frame advantage.
-Chase down the air recovery with an air throw.

Regular throws are performed with LP+HP and are teched with the same input. Overhead throws are performed down+LP+HP. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. The tech window is 6 frames. Overhead throws and back-turned throws cannot be teched. Standing and overhead throws have 7 frames of startup, back-turned throws have 8 frames of startup, and air throws have 1 frame of startup.

Overhead throws have to be avoided by standing or jumping. Beat those counters with a low attack or air throw.

Air throws are proximity throws and have 1 frame of startup. A jumping attack comes out instead of a whiff animation. The tech window on air throw is 8 frames. It is possible to air throw a character after you've forced them to air recover but you have to be very close.

Tardy Counter is this game's Alpha Counter. Input a special attack, super attack, or heavy command normal attack in blockstun to perform it. It doesn't cost anything to use but it lacks added invincibility and adds 4 frames of startup to the attack. If Tardy Counter is interrupted, the character takes 25% more damage. Tardy Counter is possible out of air blockstun as well. Not every character has an air special attack but every character has air command normal attacks.

Project Justice is a team fighter so Burning Vigor Gauge builds faster when taking damage than inflicting it. Press Start in neutral to taunt. Every character has a different taunt and they all build varying amounts of meter.

When two attacks are active on the same frame, repel occurs. After the lightning effect, both players gain a Burning Vigor Gauge. Despite the screen freezing, this is not a Clash. You build a lot of meter in this game so spend it.

Every super attack is strike-invulnerable, projectile-invulnerable, and armored. Armor reduces damage absorbed. Yes that means you can throw super attacks.

Burning Vigor Attack is the character's super attack. It uses a level 1 Burning Vigor Gauge and has around 20 frames of startup. To put that into perspective, a character's fastest normal attack is usually around 8, 9, or 10 frames of startup.

Team Up Technique uses a level 2 Burning Vigor Gauge and calls a partner. Press HP+HK for Partner A and LP+LK for Partner B. The partner will either inflict damage, recover health for the active character, or build meter for the team. Every character does something different. Most players only use Team Up Technique for dealing damage.

Team Up Technique can be countered with the same input by spending a level 1 Burning Vigor Gauge. On activation, both characters enter a mini game where the partners fight each other. The first character to hit their opponent wins the mini game. If the 5 second time limit expires, the attacker wins. If the defender wins, the Team Up Technique is denied. If the attacker wins, the Team Up Technique still happens.

Triple Team Up Technique uses a level 5 Burning Vigor Gauge and is the most powerful super attack. Press any three attack buttons to perform it. Repeatedly press buttons during it to increase damage. Unlike the Team Up Technique, there is no way to counter this.