Pocket Rumble

Pocket Rumble is a 2D fighter that is a colorful homage to the Neo Geo Pocket Color fighters. Controls are very easy to grasp because there are only two attack buttons. Despite being simple, there is a surprising variety of character playstyles. You still have combos, special attacks, and super attacks. After each round, you have the ability to select another character, which means you're not forced to play a losing matchup.

Helpful Resources

The Pocket Rumble wiki.
The Pocket Rumble Discord server.


Attack Notation

A A Button
B B Button

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Pocket Rumble uses Legacy frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 8th frame.

Every character's health bar is comprised of 12 bars. 1 hit takes off 1 bar of health meaning it takes 12 hits to win a round. Every hit counts and multi-hitting attacks take off multiple bars of health. This character's 4 hit throw does 4 damage.

When a special attack is blocked, a bar on the health bar begins flashing. If another special attack is blocked while it's flashing, the bar disappears. This is chip damage. The bar flashes for a very short amount of time, which means you almost have to block two special attacks one immediately after the other to lose a bar.

Dash with 44 or 66. Every character can dash. Every character has a different dash. Some characters have invincible dashes.

Every character has six normal attacks. 5A and 2A are the fastest attacks. 5A and 2B are slower and have more range. All normal attacks inflict 1 bar of damage. All grounded normal attacks are special and super cancelable. Usually one of your B normal attacks is a knockdown. You can cancel unsafe normal attacks into special attacks to make them safer. If your opponent predicts this, they can do a reversal to beat your special attack.

In the air, you have two air normal attacks. Jump A and jump B. Jumping attacks are overheads and must be blocked standing. They are important for high/low mixups.

Cross-ups exist in this game so characters have left/right mixups.

Special attacks are performed with 1 or 3 and holding down an attack button. Every character has at least four special attacks: 1A, 3A, 1B, and 3B. Some characters have more as they can perform their special attacks in the air.

Throws are proximity throws performed with 4B/6B and are teched with the same input. You can switch the direction of the throw after it connects. That means you can hold 4 to block, press B to throw, then press 6 to throw your opponent forward.

Every character builds their Rumble Meter differently. When the Rumble Meter is full, press A+B to perform your character's super attack. All normal attacks are super cancelable but not all special attacks are.

Under the health bar is another bar that shows the frame data of attacks. It's a really cool tool and it's even cooler when you go into training mode and turn on the slow motion option. The yellow section of the bar shows startup frames, red shows active frames, and green shows recovery frames. When an attack connects, it shows frame advantage and disadvantage for both players. The shorter the bar is, the sooner that character can move before their opponent.

Attacks do not have extended hurtboxes on recovery. Whiff punishing is more difficult as limbs cannot be whiff punished.

Pocket Rumble has a priority system. If two attacks are active on the same frame, the stronger attack wins. B normal attacks beat A normal attacks. Special attacks beat normal attacks. Super attacks beat special attacks.

Attacks with disjointed hurtboxes beat everything. Go into training mode and enable hitboxes. An attack with pink boxes has a disjointed hurtbox, meaning it cannot get hit. It is a hitbox with no hurtbox attached. Hector's sword is not part of his body and cannot take damage. Invincible attacks beat everything but are risky. You can see when your character is invincible when their box turns white.


Tenchi plays like a shoto from Street Fighter. He has a projectile and an invincible DP. He builds Rumble Meter by performing special attacks, regardless if they connect or whiff. His super attack is a super fireball.

Naomi is a SNK style character that builds Rumble Meter by charging. She has a run instead of a dash and she can hop from it. She spends Rumble Meter on enhanced versions of her special attacks.

Keiko is a puppet character. Control the cat by pressing 44 or 66. She has good mixups and can get some extra hits off of things like throws. Her Rumble Meter is her cat's life bar, it can take 8 hits and once the cat is dead it doesn't come back until the next round. Her special attacks are her cats attacks and one of them is an overhead. A+B is a launcher that kills the cat.

Quinn's movement and attacks have a lot of startup and recovery. Use special attacks to move around the screen. He can cling to walls. Once he does his super attack he becomes a werewolf and can cancel any attack into any attack. Super activation locks the screen and destroys all projectiles. It's difficult to anticipate where Quinn will be as he's bouncing off walls. He can take one hit before transforming back.

June is a keepaway zoner with slow ghostly limps. Her dash is a teleport that goes through her opponent and gets her out of the corner. She builds Rumble Meter by hitting the opponent and being close enough to collect the gem that drops. Her super attack creates a clone of her performing her last special attack.

Hector has long reaching normal attacks but his special attacks and dashes cost him life. Every time he does a special attack or dash it fills up a bar on his Rumble Meter. Any time he wants he can activate super attack to regain the life he lost. His backdash is like a backswing blow, it's invincible at the beginning and counter attacks. His forward dash is a ground cross-up.

Parker is a regular guy with good normal attacks. He controls the playing field by creating a link between his lightning orbs. His dashes are invincible rolls. His super attack is a parry. His Rumble Meter is three bars and a failed parry will remove one bar and a successful parry will add one bar. He can't parry if his Rumble Meter is empty.

Subject 11 is the grappler. His Rumble Meter builds every time he blocks an attack. His super attack is a shield that absorbs 1 hit. Use the shield, absorb your opponent's attack, then do a damaging command throw. His dash low profiles and allows him to go underneath projectiles.