Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel is a 2D air dasher fighter with assists and many movement options. The D button is a button dedicated to rolls and hops. You can even roll in the air and cancel any normal attack into a roll. Assists can't be used often because of the long cooldown timer but they are very powerful. Assists are almost like second super attacks. Nitroplus Blasterz is a fun and simple fighter with characters from many recognizable franchises.

Helpful Resources

The Nitroplus Blasterz wiki.


Attack Notation

A Light Attack
B Medium Attack
C Heavy Attack
D Escape Action
E Heavy Action

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Nitroplus Blasterz uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Hitting a crouching character with an attack that isn't an A normal attack inflicts more hitstun. Getting a counter hit with an attack that isn't an A normal attack also inflicts more hitstun. These bonuses do not stack together. If both bonuses apply, the counter hit bonus is what's inflicted as it's higher. Counter hit C normal attacks inflict enough extra hitstun for fancy combos. You can tell when a C attack counter hits as the screen shakes.

Partner Blitz is your assist. Call your first partner with A+D and your second partner with B+D. Partner Blitz is invincible once it is active. Partner Blitz is very strong and has no cost but it has significant cooldown and can't be used more than twice a round.

There is wait time before Partner Blitz and cooldown after it. The cooldown increases even more after using Partner Blitz again. There is no rule to the duration of Partner Blitz. Partner A might have a wait time of 10 seconds and cooldown of 40 seconds. Partner B might have a wait time of 20 seconds and cooldown of 30 seconds.

Calling an assist as your attack connects is a Partner Blitz Cancel. It can be used like a Roman Cancel. While it doesn't cost any resources, it doesn't guarantee a combo as Partner Blitz has a lot of startup.

Level 1 super attack is usually performed with 236A+B or another special attack input and A+B. Lethal Blaze is the cinematic super attack. It costs 3 stocks of Power Meter and is performed 236236B+C.

There is air blocking and it blocks air attacks. 6A is the universal anti-air as it has upper body-invincibility.

After getting hit out of the air, hold 4, 5, or 6 and press an attack button to air recover. There are a lot of fake combos, especially off of Partner Blitz Cancel, that can be escaped by air recovering.

The E button is the Blowback attack. Blowback attacks send the opponent flying or cause a ground bounce in the air. A fully charged Blowback is unblockable and has to be defended with a shield.

D is the evasive action button. 5D is a roll and 2D is a hop. Every character has different evasive actions. Some characters roll very far and others barely roll. Rolls are temporarily invincible but have a lot of recovery and can be easily punished. The hop is airborne and can go over low attacks and throws. All your air attacks are available during a hop and still hit overhead.

Normal attacks, but not special attacks, can be canceled into evasive actions. This is called Escape Cancel. Escape Cancel is used for keeping the pressure going and adding overhead attacks into your blockstrings. It does not provide frame advantage and can be interrupted.

Roll is also possible in the air. It can be used to move forward and to avoid anti-airs. You have three movement options in the air: double jump, air dash, and air roll. It allows you to attack three times from a jump.

Vanishing Guard is a shield that negates chip damage, blocks unblockables, builds meter, and starts a Clash. Press 4D for high Vanishing Guard and 1D for low Vanishing Guard. It's useful for defending against Partner Blitz, multi-hitting attacks, and tight blockstrings as it can be performed in blockstun. Vanishing Guard can be performed in the air to block grounded attacks. It has left-right protection.

Vanishing Guard initiates a Clash. The defender recovers 3 frames before the attacker. Essentially, the defender is at +3 and the attacker is at -3. The attacker can cancel their attack as if it hit.

The main drawback of Vanishing Guard is that it has a lot of recovery and is whiff punishable. There's no guard switching, which means you can't switch from a high shield to a low shield without delay. More importantly, you can't throw tech during Vanishing Guard.

Throws are performed with B+C and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. The throw tech window is very long and throws can be teched on reaction. To make up for throws being easy to escape, successful throws can be canceled into evasive action, Partner Blitz, or super attack.

After a knockdown, press any attack button to quick recover. There are OTG (on-the-ground) attacks if a characters decides not to quick recover. The defender has to decide between quick recovering to avoid OTG attacks or not recovering to avoid meaties.

Counter Raid is this game's Alpha Counter. Press 6E in blockstun to perform it. It costs 1 stock of Power Meter and is invincible. Its frame data on block varies between characters. Some characters have safe on block Counter Raids and others have unsafe ones.

Variable Rush is an invincible forward moving attack that is used for full screen whiff punishing and going through projectiles. The follow up portion is invincible to Partner Blitz. It's performed with C+E and costs 2 stocks of Power Meter. After activation, follow up attacks are performed by pressing A, B, and C. Each button does something different. You can decide if you want a hard knockdown, Blowback, or launch.

Infinite Blast is a Burst that can be performed once a round with A+B+C. During the Blast state, you continually gain Power Meter and recover health. Hitstun on attacks is increased, creating new combos. Escape Cancel can now be canceled from special attacks. Your opponent cannot use their own Infinite Blast while you're in this state. Because Blast can be performed once a round, if you're going to lose the round you might as well use it.

Infinite Blast in neutral is a Gold Blast. This keeps you in Blast state the longest. A Blast when your attack connects is a Red Blast. It freezes your opponent can be used like a Roman Cancel. A Blast when you're in hitstun or blockstun is a Green Blast. It lets you escape combos but the Blast state is the shortest.


Ein is a fast, short ranged, and mobile character that is difficult to pin down. Her ground and air dash are the best in the game. 426X is a command throw, it's not fast but the distance on it is nice. It makes her mixup up close scary because she can cancel into it from normal attacks. 5A is a fast low attack that is jump cancellable. 214X quickly creates distance while causing chip damage. 623X palm is a good combo ender and has upper body-invincibility so it's a good anti-air. She has the lowest health in the game and doesn't have the best defense.

Al is a well-rounded shoto character with good okizeme. She has some of the best movement in the game. Her bullets are very good and her DP is invincible. 63214X is a command throw that nets your opponent. 22+A/B/C sends out two clones to fight with you. Don't use this in neutral or in a combo, instead use it after a knockdown for confusing okizeme.

Mora is a short ranged character with high damaging left/right and high/low mixups. Jump 2C is great for cross-ups and changing her jump trajectory. 214X is an overhead that knocks down. A lot of her normal attacks are jump cancelable, which means she gets jumping mixups off of many things. She has an invincible DP.

Ruili is a rushdown character with a rekka and invincible DP. Her blockstrings and frame traps are very good. Approach with dash B or jump C to get in. Her 5D has great range. Her rekka moves her forward and can cancel into an overhead or low that knocks down. Shoulder tackle is safe on block and cancelable into rekka.

Saya is a keepaway character with long range normal attacks. Her movement is slow and her jump is easy to anti-air. 5B and 2B are good normal attacks that can hit from the beginning of the round. She doesn't have good reversals but she can teleport out of danger. When she's on the offensive, she wants to hit her tentacle throw. She has a slide and drill kick to help her get close.

Anna has unique movement and good normal attacks from many ranges. She can fly in different angles in the air. Because of fly, she can turn any attack into an overhead. She can hit a long range poke then jump cancel it into fly for pressure. Her knives can be thrown on the ground and in the air. 5B is your favorite poke. Her counter puts her in the air then Vanishes. It's fast, has good range, and is jump cancelable. Anna's main drawbacks are that she has no invincible reversal and her damage is lacking.

Ignis has great reach on her attacks and a command throw. Her B normal attacks control the mid range and long range. 6A is a good anti-air. She can fill the field with traps and projectiles to zone her opponent. Her Variable Rush is unblockable so the opponent has to Vanish it. A drawback of Ignis' good normal attacks is that they may go over crouching characters.

Muramasa is a mid range to long range character with tricky movement. Spider Thread allows her to move in various directions and she can cancel it into an air action. This gives her overheads from anywhere on the screen. Jump B, jump C, and jump E are excellent air normal attacks.

Ethica is the grappler. Her 5D is one of the longest in the game. 41236X is the slower command throw; it switches sides and goes does good damage. 632146X is twice as fast as the other command throw and you can cancel it into your super attack. 623X is a decent anti-air. 2E is a low profiling slide that can be plus on block if it hits on a later active frame.

Saber is a simple mid range character with an invincible DP. Her A normal attacks are fast and have good range for A attacks. 5B, 2B, and 5C are good long range pokes. 236X advances her forward. 214X hits low. Jump 214X and jump 22X are overheads.

Ouka has big range and big damage on her slow attacks. Her movement is surprisingly good for how big she is. She has multiple projectiles to keep the opponent away from her. Her missiles and lasers cover a lot of the screen. 214X allows her to fly. Because it is a special attack, you can cancel it from a normal attack to extend your blockstring or add an overhead. Jump C is an instant overhead. Ouka's big drawbacks are that she has trouble getting out of pressure. And even though she has multiple projectiles, she does not have an invincible anti-air. She does have a counter.

Homura is a rushdown character with good normal attacks in the mid range. Her walkspeed is very slow so you have to approach by running or jumping. Some of her special attacks cause wall bounce, ground bounce, or launch. When this happens, she can continue to pursue her opponent and keep the combo going. Drill moves her forward and knocks down, making it good for approaching and okizeme. 421A is an instant ground cross-up and it makes her rushdown very unpredictable. She has an invincible DP.

Super Sonico is a puppet character. Her B, C, and E normal attacks control her cats. The cats run across the ground even if she's in the air. If Sonico is hit during the startup frames of a cat normal attack, the cat will not attack. 6A is a fantastic anti-air. Sonico's special attacks are not done by her so she is safe if they are blocked. They're good for zoning even though the special attacks are fairly slow. Her air kneedrop is an overhead and changes her jump trajectory. Because Sonico's lack of regular normal attacks, her combos are the worst in the game. Her mixups are good as the cats are difficult to block against. And she can knockdown or overhead her opponent with her cats from far away.

Heart is a very mobile character as she retained her homing ability from Arcana Heart. Her ground attacks aren't terrible but she is most comfortable in the air. Her projectiles in the air and on the ground are very good. Her divekick is an overhead. Almost all her standing normal attacks are jump cancelable. She can triangle jump.