Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood (MAAB) is a 2D air dasher fighter that is a great introduction for players new to air dashers. Execution is not as complicated or difficult as it is in other air dashers. It is a 1-on-1 game but you are given three assists you can summon as much as you want as long as you have the resources. MAAB has an interesting rock-paper-scissors element system that resembles Pokemon and allows you to hit your opponent for super effective damage.

Helpful Resources

The MAAB wiki.
The MAAB Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Light Attack
B Medium Attack
C Heavy Attack
D Element Attack

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Million Skills are enhanced versions of special attacks and cost 100 Elemental Gauge. Perform them with the special input and two attack buttons. Million Excaliburs are super attacks that cost 200 Elemental Gauge and can be canceled from normal attacks and special attacks. They are performed with 214 and two attack buttons. You'll know when you hit a Million Excalibur because you get a cool cinematic.

There are three elements in MAAB: ice, fire, and wind. Ice beats fire, wind beats ice, fire beats wind. Every character has an offensive element but not a a defensive element. That means hitting a fire character with an ice attack won't hit for super effective damage.

The elements apply secondary effects when they hit. Ice freezes your opponent, wind heals your health, fire slowly burns your opponent's health bar. The D button is where your character's elemental normal attacks are. 214D is usually an additional elemental attack.

Consecutively hitting attacks of the same element starts a bonus damage multiplier. This multiplier can go all the way to 2.0 times. The bonus damage stops when you hit your opponent with an attack of a different element or no element.

Hitting your opponent with an element then immediately hitting them with the element that beats it causes the second element to be a counter hit. That means if you hit a fire attack then combo it into an ice attack, the ice attack is a counter hit. Counter hits are important as many attacks gain extra properties on counter hit. Your character probably has an elemental attack that causes a knockdown or launch only on counter hit.

Million Knight Summons are the assists. Each Summon has a different mana cost and mana regenerates automatically with time. You can select three Summons to take into battle with you. Check what extra properties your Summons get for counter hitting. Every Summon attack has an element so pick a good set of summons to hit those elemental bonuses. 1 mana Summons add 10% damage to the elemental bonus damage multiplier, 2 mana Summons add 20%, and 3 mana Summons add 30%.

Attacks can be canceled into Summons on hit, which causes your mana to stop regenerating for seven seconds. 1 mana summons can be canceled off of normal attacks, 2 mana Summons can be canceled off of normal and special attacks, and 3 mana Summons can be canceled off of normal, special, and super attacks. Summons themselves count as special attacks.

There is air blocking and it blocks both grounded and air attacks. You cannot air block during the 5 pre-jump frames. Some attacks are flagged to be air unblockable. 6C is usually air unblockable.

There is air throwing to beat air blocking.

You can even air block during air dashes. Backwards air dash is invincible at the start. It's common to see players use instant air dash to get out of bad situations. Make sure to chase and punish backwards air dashes.

After getting hit out of the air, hold 4, 5, or 6 and press an attack button to air recover. After a knockdown, hold any attack button to quick recover.

Backdashes are invincible but not immediately, they are invincible in the middle.

Throws are performed with 4B+C/6B+C and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Throws in MAAB are slower than most fighters and the tech window is longer but throws are more rewarding. All characters can combo off of throws by spending resources and some characters can do it for free.

Roll is performed with A+B. There are only forward Rolls. Roll is strike-invulnerable and projectile-invulnerable but can be thrown. Roll covers a lot of distance and is useful for switching sides.

You can Roll and throw tech while crouching in MAAB, which is rare in games with Rolls. This means you can hold 1 to crouch block attacks then input Roll when you would be locked in blockstun to escape when your opponent has a gap in their pressure. If your opponent expects this, they can throw you but then you can do a delayed throw tech while crouch blocking to tech the throw.

Press 6A+B in blockstun to perform a Guard Cancel Roll. It costs 100 Elemental Gauge and is fully invincible unlike regular Roll. It has no drawbacks outside of being a little expensive.

There are two types of Bursts in MAAB. The first Burst is free but can only be used once a round. The other Burst costs 100 Elemental Gauge and can be used as many times you want. Both Bursts can only be performed in neutral and blockstun. Baiting Bursts is important as both Bursts are very punishable on block.

The first Burst is Limit Break and it's performed by pressing D with another attack button. Limit Break can be performed only once a round. It extends the maximum amount of Elemental Gauge to 300 and automatically builds 100 Elemental Gauge. If Limit Break hits, it builds additional meter; the amount it builds is based on your remaining health. For example, if you have less than 30% health you build the maximum 100 Elemental Gauge on top of the original 100 it automatically builds. You can't combo off of Limit Break as it doesn't cancel into anything and it sends your opponent flying.

The other Burst is Elemental Boost and it's performed with A+B+C and costs 100 Elemental Gauge. Elemental Boost can be canceled from normal attacks, special attacks, super attacks, and throws. It's kind of like a Roman Cancel.

During Elemental Boost state, all your normal attacks are infused with your character's element and you can inflict a lot of elemental bonus damage. You also gain more jump cancelable attacks and can now cancel D normal attacks into special attacks.

You can perform Limit Break and Elemental Boost in whichever order you want. Some players like doing the Limit Break at the start of the round because their playing style is very meter dependent. Other players like saving it for the end of the round to help them start a comeback.


Koume Sakiyama controls the mid range with her disjointed normal attacks. Her D normal attacks are summons and projectiles. 214D controls the entire screen. 236 special attacks are good for bringing the opponent to where she wants them. She has anti-air, mid, low, and jumping variants. Her low chain launches for a juggle. She has a DP like special attack. 6C is a great anti-air. Million Excalibur is a command throw.

Snow White is the ultra heavyweight grappler. She's the slowest character in the game and has humongous range. Use Rolls and dashes to close the distance. The recovery frames of forward dash can be canceled into a special attack, Summon, or super attack. 5AA is a great chain because the second hit moves her forward. 236D stays on the screen for awhile and is used to get rid of projectiles. She has a deadly command throw and anti-air command throw. 236 special attack is a forward moving attack that knocks down. 623D in blockstun is a defensive tool like a pushblock.

Bisclavret is a quick character with pressure and high/low mixups when she gets in close. Her dash is fast and you can cancel into it from 5C. Her high jump is very fast. 2D is a projectile that travels half screen, she can shoot it then dash behind it to get in. If it hits, she can combo off of it. 5AA is where her mixups begins. 5A is jump cancelable. 5AAB is an overhead and she can combo off of it by spending resources. 236 special attack in the air is a command throw but it can be crouched under. 623 special attack has lower body invincibility. She can charge D attack to become unblockable.

Thief Arthur is mobile both on the ground and in the air. She can air dash twice. Air 623 special attack rope changes her air trajectory and is used to bait anti-airs. Her many air options give her left/right and high/low mixups from her jump cancelable normal attacks. 5D is an overhead and 2D is a low that moves her forward. 63214D is a combo ender with a lot of corner carry. 236D is a projectile. 236 special attack switches sides.

Blade-Protector Arthur is a shoto character with a command throw and a high/low mixup. He has a fireball, DP, good sword normal attacks, and a command throw. With enough resources he can get big damage off of nearly anything. 5AA chains into 5A which is an overhead or 2C which is a low attack. 63214D is a command throw that launches for a juggle.

Twinblade Arthur is another sword character but his sword attacks are faster. 5C has great range for a normal attack and is hit confirmable. He has many forward moving attacks that give him great corner carry on his combos. 236D is a divekick and overhead. 63214D puts him into a parry state and if hit, he reflects the attack and follows up with a predetermined counter.

Wildcat Arthur is a zoning character with full screen projectiles. She doesn't have an element of her own but after calling a Summon she can absorb and store their element into her bullet with 214D. Her bullet level is based on her Summon meaning a 3 mana Summon gives her a level 3 bullet. She can shoot her bullet with D, jump 5D, and jump 2D. Performing 214D with no Summon out switches the active bullet. Her special attacks are for combos. 623C can be feinted by holding C.

Iai Arthur has left/right mixups, high/low mixups, and good corner carry on her combos. Her walkspeed is slow but she has a fast dash, grounded command dash, and air command dash. She can attack out of both command dashes. Her divekick can be plus on block if it hits low enough. Her special slashes can be delayed.

Siegfried has great pressure as his strings leave him even or plus on block. His chain combos leave him close enough to continue pressure or use his command throw. His sword normal attacks are good for controlling space and he can cancel some of them into his dash to start pressure. If a normal attack isn't dash cancelable, it might be jump cancelable. He has a regular projectile and an air special attack. 214D is a damaging projectile but he needs to steal his opponent's element to use it. 5D and 623D both accomplish that.

Nimue is a full screen projectile zoner. Holding the D button charges up her wand. The longer it's charged, the more powerful her ice ball becomes. 623 special attacks are slow moving projectiles. 236 special attack is a drill kick. 236D is a full screen beam. 214D vacuums her opponent in. Even though she's a zoner, she's not terrible up close. 5AAA leaves her in the air, giving her a high/low mixup.

Eternal Flame is a rushdown character with good frame advantage that can rack up bonus elemental damage easily. Her dash is the fastest and the recovery frames can be canceled into a normal attack or jump. 236C is a plus on block special attack that is used to approach and is hit confirmable. She has an air special attack. Her throw is one of the best as it always brings the opponent to the corner. After she gets in close, she can threaten with 63214D command throw.

Riesz is a mid range character that uses both wind and fire element. Tapping 5D is a wind attack but holding 5D is a fire attack. She has good pokes but not too many big combos without spending resources. 236 special attack has three different versions and 236D is a fireball. 2D hits at a steep angle. Jump 2B bounces her up in the air again. It's an instant overhead if you can do it from an instant air dash. It's great for cross-up mixups.

Iori Yagami is... wait a minute... what's this guy doing in this game? It's not enough that he's top tier in his own game he has to go to other company's games and be top tier in them too? You know his attacks: ground fireball, DP, command throw, rekka, 5D is his lunging attack. High jump is more like a hyper hop. He's got one of the best super attacks in the game.