Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is a 2D fighter that is perfect for players new to the genre. Gameplay is all about mid range and long range footsies. Fights constantly reset to neutral because combos don't usually end in knockdowns. There are mixups but all of them can be reacted to and defended against. The characters play similar to each other outside of special attacks, making it easy to explore the cast and play multiple characters. While this is a 1-on-1 fighter, players are able to select an assist-like strategist to fight with.

Helpful Resources

The Koihime Enbu wiki.
The Koihmie Enbu Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Light Attack
B Middle Attack
C Hard Attack
D Throw

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

The player with more health has their meter gain increased when attacking but meter gain reduced when blocking or taking damage. This is to help the losing player start comebacks. The player that hits the first attack of the round receives 1 Tactics Bar.

Run with 66 and backdash with 44. There is a dash micro you can press to immediately start running. This is very helpful during Hougeki combos.

Characters fight with long range weapons. The weapons have hurtboxes and can be whiff punished.

5A and 2A are the shortest ranged and fastest normal attacks. They are used for pressuring and interrupting attacks. 5A and 2A chain into each other and the chain can be delayed to create frame traps. 5A/2A into EX special attack is a common combo for every character.

Both attacks usually have 5 frames of startup. 5A is usually -2 on block and 0 on hit. 2A is usually -1 on block and +1 on hit. 2A is a low attack for many but not all characters. It seems like 2A is better than 5A in every way but there is one big drawback. Every character has an attack that has lower body-invincibility that hops over 2A and punishes it for BIG damage.

5B and 2B are the normal attacks for the mid range. The shorter ranged B attack is special cancelable. 5B/2B into a (non-EX) special attack is a common combo.

5C and 2C are the most damaging normal attacks. C attacks might have a special property like knocking down, being airborne, causing guard crush, or being multi-hitting.

Few attacks provide frame advantage on block besides guard crushes. Certain C attacks cause a guard crush when fully charged. Other C attacks guard crush when they're crouch blocked instead of stand blocked.

There are close and far proximity normal attacks for the B and C buttons. The game uses an interesting input priority system when two buttons are pressed at the same time. If I'm far away and press 5A+B, far 5A comes out. If I'm close and I press 5A+B, close 5B comes out. This option select also works if I press 5A+C. This is useful in pressure. If my opponent walks backwards out of range during my pressure, it's better if a fast 5A comes out instead of a slow far 5B/5C.

Every special attack input is 236X, 623X, or 214X. Special attacks usually do not end in knockdowns.

EX special attacks are enhanced versions of special attacks and cost 1 Tactics bar. Perform them with the special input and A+B. All EX special attacks are invincible. EX special attacks are useful for getting combos at the tip of attack ranges, corner carry, and hard knockdowns.

Almost every normal attack is negative on block. Every special attack is unsafe on block but they can be difficult to punish when spaced properly. A lot of the footsies in this game revolves around poking with the tips of 5B/2B and occasionally canceling it into a special attack to extend your turn or beat retaliation.

If the other person expects, this they can do an invincible attack during the gap to beat the special attack.

Summon the strategist with 236D and 1 Tactics Bar. The summon cannot be canceled from normal attacks. Summoning is used for controlling neutral instead of for combos.

Some players will tell you never to jump because getting counter hit out of the air can result in taking a huge combo. You still should jump because being predictable is the worst thing you can be in a fighting game.

There are no instant overheads because ascending jumping attacks hit mid instead of high.

There aren't cross-up mixups because cross-ups can be blocked by holding either direction. If you see somebody jumping over your head, it's not a bad idea to walk forward as you will either walk under them or block their cross-up.

There are no unreactable high/low or left/right mixups in Koihime Enbu. The fastest overhead is slower than 20 frames, which can be easily fuzzy blocked. Throwing is the only real mixup option for most characters.

Throws are performed with D and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful that puts the character in a counter hit state. The defender is at +4 after teching a throw. Throws have very short range as you need to be almost touching your opponent to throw them.

Backdash is throw-invulnerable from frames 1-10. The character is also throw-invulnerable for 9 frames after blockstun and wakeup. These throw-invulnerable frames disappear if the character attacks. If a strike and throw are active on the same frame, the strike wins.

Because of the lack of plus on block attacks, short range of throws, throws having 7 frames of startup, and walkspeed being fast, it's possible to simply walk away from a throw. If you expect a throw: walk backwards for a couple of frames, crouch block for a couple of frames to block low attacks, then walk backwards again to escape throw range. Practice this in training mode. Record the dummy to do 5AA 2B in Slot 1. Then record 5AA (walk) throw in Slot 2. Playback both Slots as a training exercise.

After getting hit out of the air, hold any attack button to air recover. After a knockdown, hold any attack button to quick recover.

Hougeki attacks start huge combos on counter hit. Every character has at least four Hougeki attacks.

6B is a slow overhead attack that is 0 on regular hit. It is airborne from frame 11. It goes over low attacks and throws.

6C is the lunge attack. It is +2 on regular hit and is the most damaging Hougeki.

3B is the universal anti-air attack. It is invulnerable to air attacks while it is active. It only gains Hougeki properties if it counter hits an airborne opponent.

3C is a low sweep that causes a hard knockdown on regular hit. It is the fastest attack that can Hougeki non-airborne characters. It's primarily used to Hougeki whiffed throw attempts.

After the Hougeki properties of an attack activate, the attacker gains the ability to use Special Pursuit Chance combo extenders. 6C is Blow Away (wall bounce), 3B is Lift Off (launch), and 6B is Slam (ground bounce). The player gets one of each combo extender in the same combo. In training mode you can see which ones you've already used. While Koihime Enbu is a great game for beginners, Hougeki combos can be very complex and creative.

Ougi is the super attack. It costs 3 Tactics Bars and is performed with 2363214D or 2321D. It can be canceled from some normal attacks. Ougis are fully invincible and are +4 on block. The only drawback to Ougis is they cost a lot of meter.

Hiougi is the super attack that can only be performed during a Hougeki combo. It costs 4 Tactics Bars and is performed with 236B+C. It cannot be canceled from anything.