HYPERFIGHT Max Battle is a 2D fighter that is FREE and can be played on your browser. It plays similar to the 2013 fighter Divekick. In HYPERFIGHT, a single hit will kill a character. There is no blocking which means attacks have to be avoided with movement and invincible dashes. This game is very easy to learn because there are only two attack buttons.

Helpful Resources

You can play HYPERFIGHT on your browser here, but this version does not have online multiplayer.
The Steam version is free and does have online play.
The HYPERFIGHT Dojo Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Normal Attack
B Special Attack
C Super Attack

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

HYPERFIGHT Max Battle uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Characters have access to only one attack at the start of each game. When a player wins a round, they earn a point and can wager that point to perform their character's special attack. If they win that round, they receive back all the points they wagered but if they lose then wagered points are gone. With 2 points, a player can wager both points to perform the super attack. Super attack automatically wins the game if it hits (unless you're playing Don McRon or Reaper Angel). There are no combos in this game, which means super attacks have to hit in neutral. This can be difficult because super attacks lack invincibility and can be slow.

All dashes are invincible in HYPERFIGHT. Dash by tapping the same direction twice. Because there is no blocking, dashes are the only way to defend against attacks. On the ground, you have the basic forward dash and backdash. In the air, you have the same as well as a neutral air dash and a downward air dash. Air dashes can immediately cancel into any attack.

There is no reset between rounds in this game. The next round will start where the last round ended. You can hold down a button between rounds and your character will perform the attack the moment the round starts.


Shoto Goto is a shoto. 5A is a fireball that can be shot at an angle. 2A is a rising uppercut. 5B is a parry that wagers a point but awards a red point if successful. 5C is a super fireball that can be done in the air and shot at an angle.

Yo-Yona is a character with long range. 5A is her yo-yo attack, it has a lot of range and can attack in every direction. 5B anchors her yo-yo and it is projectile-invulnerable while it is blue. Pressing 5A while her yo-yo is anchored reels her toward it. Pressing 5B after her yo-yo is anchored explodes it. 5C sends out a super yo-yo that you can control.

Dr. Kero is a frog. 5A is a slide. Jump 5A is a dive kick. 2A is a ball you can kick to make bounce around the screen. 5B captures projectiles. It can be used to shoot back the projectile with 2A. Or he can eat the projectile with 5B or 5C to gain points. 5C is a slow ball like 2A but it can bounce a lot more.

Don McRon is the game's best zoner. 5A shoots ketchup packs and the arc can be adjusted by holding 4, 6, or A. 2A is a slide. 5B is an invincible attack that always attacks from the air. 5C does not automatically win the game, instead it freezes time. Use the time freeze to set up projectiles to hit your opponent. Hold 5C longer for a longer time freeze.

Vince Volt is a tricky character to pin down. 5B is Volt Charge, it electrifies him and enhances his attacks. 5A is a lunging attack. If he holds down A he can delay it. With Volt Charge he can use it to teleport. 2A is a spinning air attack that can be steered and destroys projectiles. With Volt Charge it travels farther. 5C has a lot of vertical range but barely any horizontal range. It's pretty good as an anti-air and not much else. Volt Charge 5C is the opposite as it has tremendous horizontal range.

Dark Goto is the more evil version of Goto. 5A shoots a fireball upwards at an angle. Jump A shoots a fireball downwards at an angle. 2A is a rising uppercut with a lot of range. 5B is a reflect. 5C is a super fireball that shoots at the same angle as 5A. Jump C is the air version of his super attack and the one you want to use. The recovery frames of super attack can be canceled with a dash.

Reaper Angel is a resource dependent character. 5A is a charging attack. 4A is a backdash. 2A/1A/3A is a rising strike and you can hold A to feint it. 5B creates a portal on the screen that she can teleport to. When she wins a round, she gains a flame on her Soul Meter that allows her to chain together her attacks. 5C gives her the maximum amount of flames on her Soul Meter. Her attacks destroy projectiles for Soul Meter.

Slime Bros are puppet characters. 5A is a diving attack. 2A is a punch that has a little hop in it. 5B separates the bros and now you're controlling the two characters separately. Press 5B again to switch between them. 2B is a fireball. 5C explodes the slimes and brings them together.