Fighter's History Dynamite

Fighter's History Dynamite, also known as Karnov's Revenge, is a 2D fighter that is the sequel to the game that is often considered the world's first Street Fighter II rip-off. It looks and plays similar to Street Fighter II but with four buttons instead of six. The series has an interesting mechanic where clothing is hit off of characters to create weak points. It's a simple game that has an important place in fighting game history.

Helpful Resources

The Fighter's History Dynamite wiki.
The Fighter's History Dynamite Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Light Punch
B Heavy Punch
C Light Kick
D Heavy Kick

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward
ub u uf
b n f
db d df

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Fighter's History Dynamite uses Legacy frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 8th frame.

Throws are proximity throws performed with forward or back B/D. There is no throw teching but you can mash buttons during pummel to escape earlier. Throws are useful defensively because they have 0 frames of startup. There is throw-invulnerability on wakeup and you'll see the defender throw the attacker if they're too close.

There are no forward dashes but there are backdashes. Backdashes are airborne and avoid regular throws but get caught by air throws. Backdashes are not invincible. They are not invincible. I know some websites say they are but it's not true!

The combo system is easy to understand. A light attack can chain into itself. Light attacks can chain into heavy attack. Heavy attacks are usually special cancelable. This character can perform crouch A > crouch A > B > special attack. If your character has a special command throw, it can be canceled into from blocked normal attacks.

The series' defining feature is it weak point system. Every character has a weak point on their body that is tied to a specific piece of clothing. When this weak point is hit three times, the piece of clothing comes off and the character is dizzied. A character can only get dizzied once per round but any additional hits to the exposed weak point inflict 150% damage. The screen flashes when the weak point is hit.

The weak point moves with the character's body. A character's weak point may be easier to hit when they are crouching versus when they are standing or vice versa. The weak point system creates an interesting dynamic in character matchups. For example, Zazzie is not necessarily a better character than Ray but Zazzie fights well against Ray because his attacks hit Ray's weak point and Ray's attacks don't hit Zazzie's weak point.

High-Low Protection

After blocking an attack, you will automatically block attacks of all levels until you leave blockstun. This is a low attack. After a deep jump in, the defender is still in blockstun and blocks the low attack even as they stand block. This is high-low protection.

Player 1 and Player 2 side have some minor differences. Player 1 has an easier time hitting cross-ups. Player 2 gets an additional 1 frame of hitstun on all attacks, creating link combos that weren't possible before.


Clown has the best normal throw in the game. He is a charge character and his attacks require a down-back charge. Far B is his best poke so cancel it into card to keep the pressure on. Crouch B is a good anti-air. Jump A dive can cross-up. D Spin is very abusable but make sure it's not blocked. C spin is slower but safe on block. Head Stamp knocks down but is unsafe on block. Spin Drop can cross-up and is an overhead but you have to be at a really clowny range to hit it. Clown's throw has the most damage potential in the game.
Weak point: mask

Jean Pierre plays like Guile if Guile had big damage on everything. Chojaku Needle Shower is done by tapping all the attack buttons repeatedly. A glitch causes it to inflict a tremendous amount of damage up close after being canceled from a normal attack. Crouch B is a good anti-air. Crouch D is a good poke with good range. His slide goes under fireballs. His fireballs are very good.
Weak point: leg band

Kano Ryoko is a short ranged grappler that wants to get in close to hit her Judo throw. Her normal attacks have short range and her weak point is easy to hit because of her height. She has a roll to get in close and it goes under some fireballs. Crouch B and close C are trips. Fire Wheel does good damage and is cancelabe from crouch C. Close D is a good meaty as it hits twice and is special cancelable.
Weak point: headband

Karnov is the boss. He's a high damage character with infinite combos. Far A is spammable. Far B is a special cancelable poke. D and crouch B are good anti-airs. He has a bouncy projectile and a fire breath to keep the opponent cornered. Balloon is a very annoying attack with strike-invulnerability. You can steer it in the air and cancel it into another balloon. It's a great approach tool, can cross-up, starts pressure, and keeps your opponent in the corner. There is a glitch Karnov can perform by kara canceling A or crouch A into a slide. It lets him teleport!
Weak point: necklace

Lee is fast and damaging. Lunge fist has great corner carry. Once his opponent is in the corner, Energy Palm can do a lot of damage. Dash punch has fast startup and fast recovery. His other special attack is an anti-air. Far B is special cancelable and has great range. Crouch B is also special cancelable. Jump C can cross-up and jump D is good for jump ins.
Weak point: knees

Liu Feilin is totally Chun Li. She relies on single hit pokes instead of combos. Far B has good range and is special cancelable. Crouch B is another good button. Crouch D has excellent range. Jump D is what you want to use for jump ins. Her DP is not easy to punish. She has dive kicks. She has an air fireball that can be used as an instant overhead but it is unsafe.
Weak point: breastplate

Liu Yungmie is a character with a runaway playstyle. She is a fast and mobile character that can fight in the air. To get the most out of her air fireball, perform it as early in the jump as possible. Far B is a good poke. Close B is two hits and useful in combos. Crouch B is a great anti-air. Jump B is a good air attack. Jump C hits at a downward angle. Neutral jump D is a decent air poke. If she is ever cornered, she can wall jump to get out. She has an invincible special attack. Unfortunately, both of her special cancelable grounded attacks are unsafe.
Weak point: waistband

Marstorious is the super heavyweight grappler. Unfortunately, his jump is so low that he can't use it to jump over fireballs. His command throw can be comboed into. Players special cancel far B into command throw because it whiffs very quickly and he recovers sooner. Crouch C is also used for canceling into his command throw. Crouch B is his anti-air. Crouch D might be the best sweep in the game. Jump forward D is a small overhead hop. Jump down B can cross-up. Jump D knocks down. His lariat is a good attack but you have to stop moving to charge it. Use his knee to approach.
Weak point: leg warmers

Matlok plays like Guile. His zoning is strong because his projectile is strong. Jump A is a good jump in button. Far B is the backfist. Crouch B takes him off the ground and is a good anti-air. Crouch D is a special cancelable sweep. He has a special attack that is an overhead. He can even cross-up with his overhead.
Weak point: headgear

Mizogochi Makoto is suppose to be the Ryu of the series. His tatsu is an effective approach, rushdown, and mixup tool. It moves him forward and hits multiple times, forcing the opponent to guess when they should stop blocking and retaliate. After the tatsu hits, it knocks down and gives him a cross-up opportunity. To make his rushdown scarier, his elbow special attack can frame trap. Far A is a good poke because his arm has no hurtbox while it's extended. Crouch C is the same with no hurtbox on the leg. Jump A is also a good attack that beats a lot of things. Far C and far B are your anti-airs. Jump C can cross-up.
Weak point: headband

Ray has the best attack in the game. Wheel Kick is invincible, goes through fireballs, is a great anti-air, is a great approach tool, does great damage, and is safe on block. It can setup cross-unders and resets. It's only drawback is that it whiffs against crouching characters. Along with this amazing attack, Ray has long range pokes and a good projectile. Far D is a great poke. Tackle can be used to end combos or approach as it's safe on block. Charged tackle does a huge amount of damage.
Weak point: lightning bolt

Samchay Tomyamgun is like Sagat. His fireballs are some of the best in the game. Use Tiger Knee in combos. DP knee is invincible and a great anti-air. His normal attacks are good but sometimes they whiff on crouching characters. Far B has good range. Crouch B is used for anti-airing. Crouch C is his only chainable normal attack. Jump C is a cross-up. Jump D is also useful for jump ins and cross-ups. Far D has good range and hits crouching characters. Forward B has really good range but it's special cancelable only when its not fully extended.
Weak point: armband

Zazie is a rushdown character with long reach, good pokes, and fast speed. Duck is projectile-invulnerable and used to approach. It can also be canceled from normal attacks to continue pressure. Hellfire starts up very quickly and Duck into Hellfire is his main way of approaching. Far C is a fantastic poke. Jump A is a good jump in button. Hook special attack is great for corner pressure. Zazie probably has the best overhead in the game.
Weak point: headband