Fantasy Strike

Fantasy Strike is a FREE TO PLAY 2D fighter that is accessible to players of all skill levels. There are only two directions in this game, backward and forward, which means you never have to worry about blocking tricky high attacks or low attacks. The characters play similar to staple characters from other popular fighters. You can become familiar with characters very quickly, leaving you more time to learn and develop strategies.

Helpful Resources

The Fantasy Strike wiki.
The Fantasy Strike Discord server.
The official Fantasy Strike forums.


Attack Notation

A Normal Attack
B Special B
C Special C
T Throw
S Super

Directional Notation

back neutral forward
b n f

Fantasy Strike uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

Health is represented by blocks. Every character's health bar is a different amount of blocks. Damage in Fantasy Strike is measured in blocks instead of percentage, which is very easy to understand. Rounds in Fantasy Strike can be quick, so a game might consist of winning 3 or 4 rounds.

When a special attack is blocked, a bar on the defender's health bar begins flashing. If another special attack is blocked, the bar begins flashing even faster. If a third special attack is blocked, the block disappears. This is chip damage. The block stops flashing when the defender hits an attack. It also stops flashing after the defender has not been in hitstun or blockstun for a certain amount of time. That means that while normal attacks do not cause the block to flash faster, they keep the block flashing longer. Throws and Yomi Counters do not reset the flashing block.

Frame data is shown to you in real time in the form of the sparks that emit when attacks connect. A blue spark means you're at a frame advantage. Small blue spark means you have a small frame advantage and big blue spark means you have a significant frame advantage. Red spark means you're at a frame disadvantage. Small red spark means you have small frame advantage and big red spark means you have significant frame disadvantage.

A is the normal attack button. There are no crouching normal attacks but there are command normal attacks. Perform command normal attacks by holding a direction and pressing A. Some normal attacks can be canceled into special attacks.

J is the jump button. In the air press A, B, or C to perform a jumping normal attack or jumping special attack. Jumping normal attacks are advantageous on block.

B and C buttons perform special attacks. Each button can be pressed on the ground and in the air, giving every character a total of at least four special attacks. Certain special attacks can be altered by holding a direction or holding the attack button.

Throws are performed with the T button. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. Throws are the fastest attacks in the game.

Regular throws cannot be avoided by jumping because the first 3 pre-jump frames are considered grounded like in Street Fighter II. There is no throw teching in this game. If both players try to throw each other at the same time, a throw still happens. A player holding a direction while throwing will win against a player not holding a direction. If both players held a direction while throwing and the throws connect at the same time, the game randomly chooses a player to win.

How do you beat throws? Beat throws by doing nothing at all. When you're getting thrown, don't press any buttons and don't hold any directions to initiate a Yomi Counter. Yomi Counter counters the throw, deals damage, and fills your Super Meter to full.

Why is it like this? This game has no high attacks or low attacks and as a result there are no high/low mixups. This means that blocking is very good. If blocking is very good then throwing has to be very good to keep blocking from being overpowered. To keep throws from being overpowered without nerfing the throw itself, successfully beating a throw has to be very rewarding.

In most games, players have the habit of blocking attacks then throw teching as late as possible. In Fantasy Strike it's the opposite, hold nothing to avoid the throw then block attacks. This opens up characters to get hit and prevents blocking from being overpowered.

Certain characters have special command throws. These throws cannot be Yomi Countered and can only be avoided by jumping. You can tell which throws are command throws because the word "JUMPABLE!" appears on the screen.

Super is performed with the S button. Every character has a grounded super attack and a jump super attack. Super Meter automatically generates and carries over between rounds. It also builds with Yomi Counter.

Rushdown and mixups still exist despite there being no high/low mixups. The blockstring, frame trap, tick throw rushdown threats still exist. Chip damage is prevalent because of the block health bar system and it can almost be considered the fourth element of rushdown.

Left/right mixups are common because cross-ups are common. Every character can cross-up with a jumping attack when their opponent is in the corner. Many characters have special attacks that are ground cross-ups.

Knockdowns exist but there is no way to alter the recovery after one. Meatying is easy in Fantasy Strike because attacks have a lot of active frames compared to other games.

Counter hits inflict more hitstun, creating more frame advantage. There are many combos that are only possible off of counter hit.

Characters flash white when they are invincible. Characters flash blue when they gain one hit of armor. Many invincible or armored attacks are fast enough to beat grounded attacks but too slow to be used as anti-airs.


Grave is a well rounded character. He has a fireball to threaten chip damage. He has a normal attack for anti-airing, a sweep for knockdowns, and a cross-up for left/right mixups. C is completely invincible. Super does 3 hits of damage and Air Super is an air parry.

Geiger plays like Street Fighter's Guile. His special attacks can only be performed when the gear icon near his Super Meter is filled. It empties when he uses a special attack or presses the forward direction. His gear projectile is fast and has little recovery. He can delay it by holding B. He's got two decent forward moving normal attacks. C is a fast and invincible anti-air. Jump B changes his air trajectory. Super stops time. Air Super is a slow projectile.

Setsuki plays like Street Fighter's Ibuki. Her movement is fast. She has a slide in bA. Her nAA blockstring is 0 on block and both hits can be canceled into her special attacks to keep her opponent guessing. B can cross-up on the ground. C launches her in the air giving her access to air attacks, air projectiles, and an air throw. Super can be canceled into from all her normal attacks. Air Super is an air parry and turns her invisible.

Rook is the super heavyweight grappler. His normal attacks can cause chip damage. His special command throw inflicts 2 blocks of damage and absorbs 1 hit of damage. His regular throw is probably the best in the game as it inflicts 2 blocks of damage. nA is a fast sweep. bA pulls the opponent closer and destroys projectiles. B is a slow rush punch that is safe on block and armored. Jump B changes his air trajectory and jump C is an unblockable knockdown attack.

Lum plays like Guilty Gear's Faust. His normal attacks have great range and are surprisingly fast for how long reaching they are. bA is a sweep with great range and is plus on block! Lum's special attacks are gimmicky and based on luck. C shoots random items out. Jump B is best used after items litter the screen as it's multi-hitting and can cross-up. Super litters the screen with even more items. Air Super places three dice on the screen, swat these with different attacks.

Quince plays like Akatsuki Blitzkampf's Murakami. His mixups center around left/right mixups and illusions. B lets him switch sides and cross-up. C puts an illusion on the screen that copies what he does. You can decide which of the two Quinces to control. Jump B allows him to fly through the sky and create an illusion to make things more confusing. Jump C is a mirror that doesn't damage but inflicts hitstun so he can combo off of it. Super shoots a mirror. If it hits, his illusions will now be able to inflict damage. Air Super is a flying punch that create two illusions. If Air Super hits, the Super Meter fills completely.

Jaina is a fireball zoner. She has 3 levels of fireballs. Level 1 is the basic fireball, Level 2 knocks down, Level 3 is unblockable. Jump C is an angled fireball. You can have both a B and C fireball on the screen at the same time. C is in invincible DP that costs 1 block of health. Super is an invincible DP. Air Super shoots two fireballs on the screen.

Argagarg plays like Street Fighter's Dhalsim. He has some very long ranged normal attacks and an interesting poison mechanic. The opponent has to hit Argagarg before the poison depletes a block of their health bar. C summons fish from three different angles. Fish doesn't deal damage but it inflicts a lot of hitstun which creates combos. Super is a bubble he can walk around in and pop when he wants. Air Super summons a giant fish that gives significant frame advantage on block.

Valerie is a character with a lot of chip damage potential, good rushdown, and tricky left/right mixups. Her normal attacks have great range and are fast. C is a rekka that can cancel into a backdash or ground cross-up. Jump C is safe on block, Jump B gives frame advantage on block. Super is her only invincible attack so use it as a reversal to get out of unfavorable situations. Jump Super is a projectile that stays out for awhile.

Midori is an interesting character. At first glance he seems like the worst character in the game. His regular throw inflicts 2 blocks of damage. C is a parry that builds Super Meter and leaves him flashing yellow. When Midori is flashing yellow, he will automatically throw his opponent when he is in range. His special attacks move him around the screen but they are very slow, unsafe on block, and very easy to react to. His attacks are slow and don't make a lot of sense...

Midori activates Super and becomes a dragon! Now it all makes sense. fAA is a fire blast. B gives frame advantage on block and gives him another air action after it's blocked. His C special attacks become homing special throws that are difficult to react to because they look similar to his B special attack. C now has armor.

DeGrey plays like Guilty Gear's Slayer. He is a character all about frame traps and counter hits. bA is a slow short ranged normal attack that launches on counter hit. B has two parts to it, first it's invincible as he retreats backwards then he can follow up with A, B, or C. BA is safe on block. BB is a knockdown and on counter hit it causes a wall bounce. BC is invincible. C sends his ghost to hold his opponent. Super is a parry. Air super is great for whiff punishing.

Onimaru is a character with very slow long range normal attacks that cause chip damage. If the opponent blocks too many of his attacks, a shield icon appears next to their character. If Onimaru gets the opponent to block another attack, they suffer a Guard Crush and take damage despite blocking. B goes through projectiles and afterwards he is in a stance where he can attack, dash, or parry. C is a parry. Super is fast and his best whiff punisher. Air Super summons soldiers that take hits for him.