Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition (DFCI) is a 2D fighter created by the same team that brought you Melty Blood and Under Night In-Birth. While it is a 1-on-1 fighter, the assist system gives players multiple ways to play their character. It uses a simplified version of the Beat chain combo system of its predecessors and has an interesting twist on defensive mechanics. Pushblocking costs meter if you're winning but is free if you're losing. There are three different types of Bursts and frequent Bursting is central to building resources. Rushdown centers around blockstrings and frame traps that punish pushblock and Burst.

Helpful Resources

The DFCI wiki.
The DFCI Discord server.
DFCI Community Guide.


Attack Notation

A Weak Attack
B Medium Attack
C Strong Attack
S Support Action

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Ignition uses Modern frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 7th frame.

DFCI's simplified chain system allows players to chain normal attacks into each other. You get one normal attack per strength and can chain into a normal attack of a higher strength.

Universal Potential and Character Potential are two passive power up abilities.

Universal Potential triggers when your character's health falls below 30%. During Universal Potential, their damage is boosted by 10% for 20 seconds. If you are behind a round, damage boost is 20% instead.

Character Potential is triggered differently for every character. Check your character's Character Potential requirement, it may be something like "counter hit your opponent twice in 5 seconds to gain a 10% damage boost".

EX special attacks are enhanced versions of special attacks. They cost 1 Climax Gauge and recharge 10% of the Blast Gauge. Perform them with the special attack input and A+B.

There are two types of super attacks. The first one is Ranbu. It costs 2 Climax Gauges and is performed with 63214B+C. Ranbu recharges 20% Blast Gauge and is fully invincible.

The other super attack is Climax Art. It costs 2 Climax Gauges and is performed with 41236B+C. Climax Arts are your most damaging attacks. They are used for pure damage as they don't have any additional benefits.

Press any combination of A, B, and C in blockstun to pushblock. It costs half a Climax Gauge if your health is equal to or more than your opponent's. It's free if you have less health than your opponent. Pushblock can be performed even with no meter.

Throws are proximity throws performed with 6C/4C and are teched with the same input. The window for teching is 10 frames and the defender is left at +3 frame advantage after a successful tech. Because you hold 4, you can stand block but not crouch block while teching throws. Successful throws start combos.

There is a throw tech option select every character can use by inputting 4B+C. If your opponent attempts a throw, you tech it. If they attack and you're in blockstun, you pushblock. If they are too close, you throw them. If they are out of your throw range, you perform 4C.

To beat this option select, don't put your opponent in blockstun and stay out of their throw range. They will perform 4C, which is slow and easily interrupted or whiff punishable.

After selecting your character, select your assist then select the color Blast you want enhanced with a larger hitbox.

Resource building is the most important part of DFCI. Start the cycle by spending your Blast to build Climax Gauge then spend your Climax Gauge on super attacks that deal damage and recharge Blast Gauge. Rinse and repeat the cycle.

Blast is a Burst performed with A+B+C. The Blast icon is the rectangle under your health bar. It can be confusing because it looks like an assist portrait.

Power Blast is performed in neutral. It's commonly used at the start of the round to begin the resource building cycle. Power Blast builds a Climax Gauge, accelerates meter gain, heals some health, and boosts damage and defense. If Power Blast hits, it builds an additional Climax Gauge. Blast Gauge recovers the quickest after a Power Blast.

Escape Blast is performed in hitsun and blockstun. Try not to use this too much as your Blast Gauge recovers the slowest afterwards. Remember you have pushblock so try to save the Escape Blast for escaping combos and not block pressure.

Combo Blast is performed when an attack connects. Activate it during a combo and it launches your opponent high into the air and builds a Climax Gauge. The best part about Combo Blast is that it cannot be Escape Blasted, making it great for killing characters. Combo Blast is plus on block.

Backdashes are invincible at the start.

There are double jumps and high jumps.

There is air blocking and it blocks both grounded and air attacks. You cannot air block during the first 10 frames of the jump. Some attacks are flagged to be air unblockable.

After getting hit out of the air, press 4, 5, or 6 and an attack button to air recover. The character is invincible until they land or perform an action.

Impact Skill is performed with 5A+B and 2A+B. Both Impact Skills are armored immediately and can be used as reversals. The amount of hits it can armor depends on the character. For example, Shizuo's neutral Impact Skill absorbs four hits. All Impact Skills are unsafe on block.

4A+B is Impact Break. It has armor but not immediately. Impact Break is an overhead that can combo into Impact Break for a launch. When the follow up is performed immediately, the camera zooms in on the character for a damaging combo. If the follow up is performed later, it still combos but the combo is weaker. The later follow up is safe.

Each assist has two attacks: 5D and 4D/6D. The two assist attacks sometimes have two different cooldown rates.

Cancel Support is calling an assist when your attack connects. Cancel Support costs 1 Climax Gauge and is used like a Roman Cancel.

Between rounds, you select what you'd like ignited. Igniting your character boosts their damage, defense, and health recovery rate. Igniting your assist shortens their cooldown and recovery time. Igniting your Blast recharges Blast Gauge 50% and shortens the cooldown after Escape Blast. Players usually ignite their character first unless their Blast Gauge is at a low percentage.

When a game goes to the third round, you can select to ignite a new character or one you've already ignited. Double igniting your character further increases their attack and defense boosts and allows them to jump cancel their normal attacks. Press A+C during a Climax Art to increase it's damage for 1 Trump Card.

Double igniting your assist allows you to call assists while jumping for 1 Climax Gauge. Press S during a Climax Art to perform a Climax Support. Climax Support costs 1 Trump Card and 1 Climax Gauge and is a more damaging Climax Art.

Double igniting your Blast recharges Blast Gauge 50% (again). Press A+B+C during a Climax Art to perform Climax Blast. Climax Blast uses the Blast Gauge and is more damaging and afterwards you are in Power Blast state.

Trump Cards are the lightning bolt icons above your Climax Gauge. Trump Card activation is performed with A+C and is safe. You only get a few Trump Cards per game and you get a Trump Card back when you lose a round. If the activation whiffs, is blocked, or is interrupted, you still get all the benefits of the state. During Trump state, your character is able to jump cancel all their normal attacks. Assist calling no longer has an startup animation, which means it can be performed in the air now. Support Cancels are now free.

Trump state expands the simple chain combo system into the more complex Beat System. Now characters get a standing and crouching normal attack of each strength per chain. Characters can now perform the six hit chain 5A > 2A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C. You can now Reverse Beat higher strength normal attacks into weaker ones.

There are red and blue Trump Cards. The card you have depends on your character. Red Trump Cards are overhead attacks on activation. Blue Trump Cards enhance the character with a unique power up. Both activations are strike-invulnerable and projectile-invulnerable.

It's common for players to run up to their opponent and activate Trump in their face. It is safe and goes through attacks.

If you predict your opponent will do this, you can throw them because Trump activation is not throw-invulnerable.

There is an option select that exists because Trump activation is performed with A+C and pushblock is any two attack buttons. Input 4A+C while on defense. If you're in blockstun, you pushblock. If you're not in blockstun, you'll activate Trump. Obviously the drawback of this option select is that it costs a Trump Card.