Akatsuki Blitzkampf

Akatsuki Blitzkampf is a 2D fighter that has been described as playing like a cross between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. Combos are not too long or too short and damage is not too high but not too low. The Guard Meter mechanic rewards offense and the universal parry mechanic rewards defense. If you are a Street Fighter player you will feel right at home with Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

Helpful Resources

The Akatsuki Blitzkampf wiki.
The Akatsuki Blitzkampf Discord server.


Attack Notation

A Weak Attack
B Medium Attack
C Strong Attack

Directional Notation

up-back up up-forward
back neutral forward
down-back down down-forward

Numpad Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

High attacks are overhead attacks that must be stand blocked. Mid attacks are attacks that can be blocked with both stand block and crouch block.

Akatsuki Blitzkampf uses Legacy frame data notation. If an attack has 7 frames of startup, it hits on the 8th frame.

There is a hidden mechanic that increases the damage you inflict and decreases damage you take based on how much lower your health is compared to your opponent. When your health drops below 25% the amount of damage you take also decreases. These mechanics help the losing player make comebacks.

Guard Meter depletes when an attack is blocked. When it is empty the character is guard broken and completely vulnerable. The vulnerability window is short and it can be difficult to get a good punish after a guard break.

Backdashes are invincible from frame 1 to (at least) frame 6.

The universal chain combo system lets characters chain A normal attacks into B normal attacks and B normal attacks into C normal attacks. There are additional chain combos outside of the universal one as well.

After a knockdown, press any attack button to quick recover. There are OTG (on-the-ground) attacks if a character does not quick recover.

Throws are performed with A+B and are teched with the same input. There is a whiff animation if unsuccessful. There are air throws as well.

Reflector is Akatsuki Blitzkampf's version of parrying. It's performed with B+C. Standing Reflector parries high and mid attacks. Crouching Reflector parries mid and low attacks. Jumping Reflector parries everything. Parrying does not freeze the characters, instead a parried attack is treated as if it whiffed.

Auto counter happens after not pressing any buttons after a successful parry. It is a launcher that is more rewarding but slower than punishing with a different attack.

The auto counter launcher loses to multi-hitting attacks.

Parrying a projectile doesn't trigger auto counter launcher but it does give frame advantage.

Crouching Reflector gives the least amount of juggle time. Jumping Reflector grants the most amount of juggle time. Standing Reflector's juggle time is somewhere in the middle.


Akatsuki is the game's main character and he is like the Ryu of Akatsuki Blitzkampf. He is well rounded with few weaknesses. He has a fireball, an uppercut, a cross-up, good damage, and an overhead that starts combos.

Mycale is the game's zoner. She has a variety of special attacks that let her play keepaway. She has a side switching dash and her throw sends her opponent flying a full screen away.

Sai is a character with many ways to get in. His C elbow special is safe on block. He has a slide that must be blocked low. His cartwheel 6B moves him forward, is an overhead, and is plus on block. His air special attacks allow him to change his air trajectory. It's difficult to predict all the ways he can move in.

Kanae is the game's grappler. Her okizeme is some of the best in the game because of her command throws. She can combo into her throws which means she can do things like hit a cross-up, combo it into a throw, then get guaranteed okizeme. She has defensive counters to deal with her opponent's attacks.

Fritz is the character to pick if you rely on normal attacks. His slashes are great as they deplete Guard Meter so he gets guard breaks often. He's got big damage on a lot of his punishes. His super attacks are used entirely to get out of unfavorable situations.

Marilyn is a fast character with flashy combos and good corner carry. Her movement and jump speed is the fastest in the game. She has a wall jump, her forward dash is airborne, and she can change her air trajectory with jump 2C. Her palm special has armor, her air throw does a good amount of damage, and her DP is invincible when EX.

Wei is a character that is played in the mid range. He has a cool gimmick in that he can temporarily power himself up. 22+A increases walking speed, 22+B increases defense, and 22+C increases damage. His normal attacks are heavy hitting, his C normal attacks are big, 2B is a rewarding anti-air. His charge special attacks are dash punches that move him around the screen quickly and are launchers. His combos end in knockdowns which is scary because he has a cross-up.

Anonym has bullets that can hit you anywhere on the screen. The main drawback is she has to reload when she runs out of ammo. Her gun normal attacks cover many different angles. 2C hits low and her jumping bullets hit high so she has mixups full screen. She gets guard break often because her shots deplete Guard Meter. Her super attack brings her back from the dead. If she has 3 Super Stocks of Super Meter when she dies she is resurrected.

Elektosoldat is a charge character with fireballs of varying heights and speeds. It lets him approach safely or start safe pressure as the fireballs are plus on block. He can shoot a fireball then dash after it, or shoot a fireball then jump in after it. 4C and 6C move him forward while letting him keep his charge. Jump 4B/6B is one of his best attacks when done as close to the ground as possible. He has an invincible DP and it can be made safe when canceled into EX fireball. EX fireball is a fantastic tool in neutral.

Adler is a short ranged rushdown character. He's got good damage off of his mixups. His fireball travels slow and has short recovery, so he uses it to walk behind to get closer to his opponent. The slower the fireball the better it is on block. He has a divekick that is an overhead so his high/low mixup is strong. He can cancel his divekick into his super attack to make it safe on block.

Blitztank is an actual tank. He is a keepaway character. He has projectiles and long normal attacks to keep his opponent far away. He guard breaks his opponent often because of his playstyle. For a keepaway character he has decent okizeme because he can set mines after a knockdown. Blitztank has a single hit of armor for many of his attacks. He lacks a good anti-air so you have to rely on air throwing.

Murakumo has strong okizeme and corner pressure. He can set down mines to prevent his opponent from walking forward or to force them to block. His mines and fireballs make his corner pressure and okizeme oppressive. His air teleport is used to get out of bad spots, switch sides, or to get close to his opponent. His C normal attacks create illusions and give him a devastating mixup. 5C is an overhead, 2C is a slide, and 4C is a feint.